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Once upon a time: a family comedy

The staging will be in the Anna Julia Rojas room at Unearte tomorrow and on Friday

Starting tomorrow, Thursday at 10:30 am and on Friday, June 28 at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm, Once Upon a Time, a children's musical comedy that constitutes the graduation production of the degree, will be presented in Theater at Unearte, on behalf of the students Daniela Vielman (in general direction and dramaturgy) and Johana Rojas (in acting).

It is the first time that this academic requirement dedicated to childhood has been met and it will be staged in the Anna Julia Rojas Room at Unearte.

It is a fun and thoughtful show that can be enjoyed as a family and for free, in which you will learn the story of Valentina, a girl who wishes with her heart that her parents would have more time to share with her and does everything possible to cast a spell on them with the help of a goblin.

Through play, music and dance, Once Upon a Time promises to bring smiles to viewers.

The performances are carried out by Johana Rojas and Samuel Garzón; musical direction by Daniel Jiménez; set design by Semiramis Alvarado; lighting by Gerónimo Reyes; costumes by Jennifer González; indigenous songs by Isaac Sasson; choreography by Victoria Romero and Kimberly Arocha; makeup by Miguel Estévez, directing assistance by Maru Bracho; general direction and authorship by Daniela Vielman; and the special participation of Rosario Arévalo and Daniel Jiménez as La Mamá and El Papa, and the tutors Costa Palamides and Armando Carías.

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