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In the Plaza Bolívar in Caracas the drum reigns

Groups from more than 10 countries are performing until Sunday

The deep sound that unites the people of Latin America and the Caribbean, through the African heritage, was heard yesterday in the center of the capital, after the inauguration of the I Tambores del Alba Meeting, heartbeats of our identity.

Jorge Arreaza, Executive Secretary of Alba-TCP said it during his opening remarks: “Alba calls us to unity, like the drum,” and lifted the veil of a program that will be maintained in the spaces of Plaza Bolívar and the Bolívar Theater until Sunday, June 23, the eve of one of the most important Afro-Venezuelan celebrations for the country in honor of San Juan Bautista, which will also feature exhibitions, conversations, workshops and a long display case of Afro-Venezuelan and Caribbean instruments, pieces handicrafts, products made from communal enterprises, etc.

Accompanied, among others, by diplomatic delegations from the 10 nations that make up the bloc, plus the invited countries, Arreaza expressed: “We are all of African descent. In Africa the gods speak and reveal themselves through the beating of their drums. They elevate our consciousness, our soul, to a unique level that no other human expression can match. In our America, the indigenous drum is also a channel towards the sacred. His blows heal and warn. They lead and resist. The drum arrived in the Caribbean on ships full of pain and injustice. They tried to ban them. How deluded were those imperialist rulers who thought they could prohibit the people, children of Africa, from being and feeling the drum.”

Representative Casimira Monasterio, coordinator of the Afro-Venezuelan National Cumbe Movement, was blunt: “The drum is the instrument of the Afro community. It unites us with our gods, reminds us of our ancestors, allows us to harmonize body, spirit and mind, frees us from all oppression. When we sing, play and dance drum, we are always free.”

Mighty Gabby, cultural ambassador of the island of Barbados, said that it is a meeting full of love “that future generations will see as the embryo of a unity that the world has never seen before.” For his part, Bouna Mbaye, coordinator of the Pan-African League-Umoja, present at the opening ceremony, expressed his gratitude to the Alba countries for their historic contribution to the liberation process of the African continent and the African diaspora that led to the continent.

Arreaza explained that it is a cultural exchange, but also of knowledge, since research and interventions on the common roots and origins that link rhythms and traditions will be presented. He announced that the international guests will be taken on a tour of the regions of the country where the cult of Saint John the Baptist is practiced.

Dance, drum and singing

From the two stages, located at the north and south ends of Plaza Bolívar, the Caracas population can enjoy groups such as Haynesville Youth Club (Barbados), Ballet Folklorico de Camagüey (Cuba), The Paix-Bouche Drummers (Dominica) since yesterday. , Drum Foundation (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), Agrupación Mujer Tambor (Venezuela), Skin Rhythm (Saint Lucia), Les Espoires du Bénin (Benin), Mundo Afro Candombe School (Uruguay), Batucada dissident of Bolivia (made up of women), in addition to other Venezuelan groups with traditionalist roots, as an expression of the country's Afro roots.

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