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The Orchestra System is going for another Guinness record

The largest choir in the world is preparing to attract more than 121.441 people

The National System of Youth and Children's Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela is preparing to register the country again in the Guinness Book of Records, after achieving recognition in 2021 for the largest orchestra in the world, with 12 thousand musicians who performed the Slavic March by Tchaikovsky in the courtyard of the Military Academy.

On this occasion, the idea is to bring together more than 121.441 children, young people and adults as part of the largest choir in the world, a brand currently held by India, reported the executive director of El Sistema, Eduardo Méndez.

Although the challenge was announced last year, it is only now (near its 50th anniversary) that this musical training program begins rehearsals, without a defined date or place. Unofficially it was known that it could be in the Simón Bolívar Park in La Carlota, due to the size of the call.

Méndez added that this is one of the most complicated challenges in Guinness, due to the number of people who must be concentrated in a single place and comply with a series of very strict rules to achieve this new laurel. “It is not only the people who will be participating, but the entire support group that must be located around.”

He warned that it is an inclusive event, in which they admit the contribution of anyone who wants to join the largest choir in the world, upon registration through the links offered on their social networks. “Everyone will be able to participate, obviously with the help of El Sistema, with the guarantee of all the processes that we carry out.”

The announcement was made by Méndez during an academic exhibition that was staged yesterday at the National Center for Social Action for Music, for part of the diplomatic corps accredited in the country.

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