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The Museum of Fine Arts was reopened with three exhibitions

A specialized team carried out the heritage restoration

After a major restoration, the Museum of Fine Arts reopened its doors with three exhibitions.

Alba is our America, identity and resistance is one of the exhibitions, which is a journey through the history and cultural expressions that unite people.
The second is Palafitos: mirrors of time by Oscar Quintana; and the third is Aesthetics of the Humble by José Gregorio Castro.

The Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, pointed out in his X network account that the intervention of the museum, directed by Zacarías García, was profound. It was developed by the Executive Vice President.

Given this, García indicated that the 12 rooms are now open: “it is the most important restoration it has had. We are talking about a museum of almost a centenary of the headquarters of the neoclassical, and this team that restored the museum has extraordinary levels for heritage restoration.”

The recovery was based on the restoration of the central plaza, construction of granite floors, waterproofing, cleaning of green areas, phytosanitary treatment and a new grass irrigation system.

Other achievements were the repair of the electrical system, air conditioning, elevators and hydropneumatic water system; pest control equipment; maintenance and commissioning of the fire detection system; installation of outdoor lighting and road maintenance, to name a few.

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