Five essential albums | Marcel Marquez

Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.

Afrorraízz Hi-Fi is the pseudonym as DJ of Marcel Márquez, known in the underground scene of Caracas and Sao Paulo for his mixes and fusions of Caribbean rhythms. But Marcel is not only a DJ, he is also a music lover, music researcher, record collector, "book eater" and writer, with an artistic taste cultivated since childhood by the lifestyle of a journalist father who put him in contact with national and international references. international music and poetics. Today he also manages his project Trópico 70 that offers vinyl records to music lovers.

With coffee in hand and very sure of his selection, Afrorraíz, made this list of albums and told why they are in his top 5. Bitches Brew by Miles Davis, “A super important album because it revolutionizes music in the sense of fusion. Miles Davis dares to break the rules ”, uniting different rhythms for the first time.

Dream of Eddie Palmieri, “this album becomes a hinge that demarcates two eras of Palmieri that I feel like it seeks to clean up the attacked and psychedelic sound that it brought from the seventies and take it more towards jazz and academia without leaving its organic and creative madness. usual street scene ”, he expressed so passionately that I can only list the remaining three: Entroducing by DJ Shadow, The Message by Gerry Weil and Universo Universo by La candela del Río.



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