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They silence the annoying noises that disturbed a woman in El Valle

The loud sound of the neighbor's air conditioning caused the woman insomnia and headache

Avoiding annoying noises or other manifestations of sonic alteration that disturb public order or disturb neighborhood peace are one of the duties of neighborhood relations established in article 15 of the Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, Civility and Communal Justice of Peace of the Libertador municipality of Caracas. Regulations that were not being complied with in the community of Los Cardones, located in the San Andrés sector of the El Valle parish, where the tranquility of an older adult was being affected by the loud sound coming from the air conditioning of the house next door.

Last April, an elderly woman went to the headquarters of the Communal Police service of the Bolivarian National Police Corps (Cpnb), located on 1st Street in the Jardines del Valle, to explain that her neighbor placed an air conditioning appliance in the window that is right in front of his and, since then, the hot air that emanates and the intense sound it generates have caused insomnia, headaches and increased blood pressure.

The first inspector of the Cpnb and coordinator of the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Room of the Communal Police service, Ana Omaña, explained to Últimas Noticias that the woman had notified the man in the residence next to hers that she could not fall asleep due to the noise and steam that emanated from the device and entered her room.

The situation had generated verbal confrontations between the applicant and the man, since every time she called his attention, the man became upset. Actions that forced her to ask officials for help to reach a conciliation and be able to live in harmony.

In view of what was stated by the older adult, the Cpnb service of El Valle made the decision to convene the parties involved in the problem to seek a peaceful solution within the provisions of the municipality's coexistence ordinance.


The two people involved in the event came to the Communal Police service headquarters in Los Jardines and presented their arguments to Cpnb officials.

The applicant reiterated what she had already stated to Omaña. Likewise, she asked her neighbor to place the air conditioner in another place where it does not generate so much noise or disturb her sleep at night.

For his part, the man alleged that he installed the device in his window because he was not aware of the annoyance it caused with the sound or the vapors that emanated from it. He added that the way in which the elderly woman rebuked him was not appropriate either, if what she was really looking for was to solve the problem.

Once the parties talked and expressed their points of view, they decided to reach a series of agreements between themselves and the police. None of the commitments can be violated because they would lead to major conflicts, this time in criminal matters.


The neighbors made their points of view and requirements clear during their conversation in the Medication and Conflict Resolution Room. That is why they proceeded to sign a series of agreements to be able to live together in peace in the community.

Omaña commented that both committed to living in harmony in the sector, thus respecting each other's space and privacy.

For his part, the man agreed that, within a period of no more than a month, he would remove the air conditioner from the window and place it in a place where it would not cause discomfort.

The first inspector commented that the agreements, signed in the minutes of the Cpnb Communal Police service, have been complied with in their entirety.


From the service of the Bolivarian National Police Corps, the officials acted in accordance with the provisions of the ordinance of the Libertador municipality, which in its article 1 states as its objective the establishment and consolidation of the bases for citizen coexistence, civility and communal peace justice. , as well as promoting neighborhood human relations framed in public order, harmony and an exemplary culture of peace.

Likewise, article 25 of the regulations, in point 1, considers as conduct that affects peace and good relations between people, the use of any means of sound production, devices, accessories or machinery that generate annoying noises from property. furniture or real estate. In these cases, the competent authorities may identify, record, deactivate and/or preventively and temporarily retain the source of the noise, unless it originates from duly permitted constructions or repairs.

This type of behavior can result in a fine of 30 times the official exchange rate of the highest value currency set by the Central Bank of Venezuela or community service.

Ordinance and noise pollution (Art. 31)

Ordinance. The Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, Civility and Communal Peace Justice of the Libertador municipality of Caracas, in its article 31, points out three acts that are considered noise pollution, and dictates sanctions for those who engage in said behaviors; among them, the payment in bolivars of 50 times the highest value currency, stipulated by the Central Bank of Venezuela.

Noises. In Caracas, sounds such as parties, meetings, musical practices or similar events that disturb the peace and tranquility of residents or neighbors are considered noise pollution.

Screams. It is noise pollution to disturb citizen coexistence with scandalous shouts or profane words that offend people's decorum, especially in places where children and adolescents are present.

Music. Sound pollution is considered to be playing music at high volume levels in residential spaces, commercial premises with openings to public areas, in passenger transport units, in private vehicles parked or in circulation with open windows, or in any other place where the effect of sound causes disruption to citizen peace.

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