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Tinaco marched in support of President Nicolás Maduro

The red tide of this municipality in Cojeda took to the streets in support of the líder of the Revolution

The people of the Tinaco municipality marched this Friday in support of President Nicolás Maduro, the rally took place in Plaza Miranda in that town and from there the red tide traveled along Bolívar Avenue to the vicinity of Flores Street where a platform was set up.

The political activity was headed by Iris Varela, national liaison of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela for Cojedes, accompanied by the godmother of the 1X10 of the Good Government, the Minister of University Education, Sandra Oblitas; the state organizer of the PSUV, Jhon Moreno; the revolutionary mayors, among others líderis revolutionaries.

Varela congratulated the People of Tinaco for so much love expressed in this march that, despite the rain, continued to support the President of the Republic. In addition, he urged those present to continue with that same spirit towards July 28, " where history will be made with the resounding victory of the candidate of hope and life Nicolás Maduro,” he highlighted.

“Congratulations, heroic people, brave people of Tinaco, you have demonstrated with this march that you are revolutionaries and follow the líder of the revolution, not stopped by the rain, they are here firm to a humanist project full of love that embodies Comrade President Nicolás Maduro, the others are moved by hatred, contempt for the humble, and that is why they will not pass, but they will never govern to Venezuela,” Varela emphasized.

Likewise, the national liaison of the Psuv pointed out that the North American government with its sanctions and blockade wanted to bring the people of Simón Bolívar to their knees, to which he stressed that "they do not know the Venezuelans who, together with President Maduro, have resisted and today we are victorious because we have won and we are in excellent economic prosperity,” he highlighted.

Varela affirmed that the victory of Nicolás Maduro is safe with the PSUV machinery, as well as the support of the allied parties of the Great Patriotic Pole, “but let's not trust ourselves, the organization is vital, so everyone with their 1X10 voter, to on July 28 to seal an overwhelming victory for Nicolás Maduro,” warned the revolutionary leader.

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