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Several trees collapse on the Unellez Cojedes infrastructure

Offices, classrooms and power lines were affected after the rains of the last few hours in Cojedes

The heavy rainfall with hurricane-force winds, which occurred during the last few hours in the state of Cojedes, caused several trees to collapse on the infrastructure of the National Experimental University of the Western Plains Ezequiel Zamora (Unellez), in San Carlos.

The Admission, Registration and Student Monitoring (ARSE) offices, classrooms and hallways suffered severe damage, in addition to affecting the electrical system when two high-voltage cables fell off after several trees fell on them.

The vice-rector of Infrastructure and Industrial Processes (VIPI), Hayden Pirela, pointed out that unforgiving nature is destroying the infrastructure of this university, he regretted that a “mahogany” tree fell when it fell from its roots. “ARSE is the study control of this university, that is, all the files of all our graduates of this Alma Mater rest there,” he explained.

Likewise, he expressed his concern and regret for the damage caused. Pirela thanked the support of Corpoelec, which has taken immediate measures to restore the electrical service, to the Cojedes fire department, who, together with the delivery of the university firefighters, carried out an evaluation of the safety of other areas within the campus.

In turn, the vice-rector highlighted the active participation of the teaching, worker, administrative staff and university community, who are working on the recovery of the affected areas and spaces to guarantee a return to classes with complete normality in September.

Finally, Pirela pointed out that Unellez in Cojedes is alert to the situation, counting on the support of the rector, Professor Adán Coromoto Chávez, who took action from the moment of the emergency.

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