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More than 5 thousand Cojedeños benefited from the reactivation of wells

The national government seeks optimization in the pumping of the vital liquid to the 15 parishes of the entity

A total of 5700 people benefit from the reactivation of deep wells in Cojedes, works requested through the VenApp and that were executed by Hidrocentro, with the purpose of optimizing the drinking water service of the Ezequiel Zamora and Tinaquillo municipalities.

In the Las Brujitas community, Mapuey sector of the Ezequiel Zamora municipality, the assembly, testing and commissioning of a 30 hp submersible pumping equipment was carried out, in addition to the replacement of the electrical components of the control and command board in this underground source which generates 12 liters per second, benefiting 3200 inhabitants.

Solution to cases with the 1×10 of Good Government

Orlando García, a resident of the community, expressed his gratitude to the Water workers, emphasizing that the installation was quick and efficient along with the residents of the area, who, in an organized manner, gave their support to complete the work on the deep well. .

He highlighted that these actions translate into a significant improvement in the quality of life of the inhabitants. “Thanks to our president Nicolás Maduro, who has put the 1×10 system of Good Government at the service of the population, a magnificent tool with which we can continue to provide positive and timely responses to the People,” said García.

Guayabitos well reactivated in the Tinaquillo municipality

At the same time, in the Tinaquillo municipality, the assembly, testing and commissioning of a new pumping equipment was carried out in the deep well of the Guayabitos sector, in which a 15 hp submersible electric motor was placed, in addition to the adaptation of the panel of control and command, which left this underground source that produces 6 liters per second and supplies 2500 inhabitants of the town in optimal operation.

Leonel Ruíz, president of Hidrocentro, highlighted that they continue to comply with the lines issued by President Nicolás Maduro Moros, “we continue from Hidroológica and MinAguas, bringing well-being to families, with the Ven App tool and the 1×10 system of Good Government, we have come to provide solutions to the needs of the People.”

For her part, the resident of the Guayabitos sector, Alba Díaz, praised the management carried out by the Hydrological Department and the speed of the response to her cases. “After making the report, Hidrocentro came, reviewed the situation and today we see how they help us, and the most important thing is that residents of some surrounding areas such as the El Bosque urbanization also benefit,” she said.

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