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The rains in Cojedes caused landslides and falling trees

Homes and power lines were seriously affected by the heavy rainfall recorded in the last few hours

Falling trees and a landslide were some of the incidents caused by the rains accompanied by strong winds, which occurred in the last few hours in the state of Cojedes, affecting homes and power lines.

According to a report from the entity's fire department, it details that in the Valle Hondo sector, San Carlos municipality, a tree fell on a house, owned by citizen Paulo Oropeza. There were no injuries, only severe damage to infrastructure.

Another event reported was the collapse of a tree in the Boca la Perra sector, Tinaco municipality, affecting the power lines that provide electricity to the surrounding communities.

In another incident, fire officials traveled to the Barrio Nuevo sector, in San Carlos, in order to evaluate risks following a landslide that occurred in the perimeter fence that divides two homes in the aforementioned community.

Given the situation, it leads to the action of the authorities motivated by the danger that was presented in the area, which represents a latent risk for the people who live in said homes.

The authorities are evaluating the damage and remain on alert due to the rains and falling trees, which is why they are calling on the population to be attentive to the period of rain that is recorded.

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