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Strong winds leave damaged homes and fallen trees in Cojedes

Intense rains with gusts of wind knocked down the roofs of five homes, and left at least three fallen trees

At least five homes were affected by the intense rainfall that occurred during the last 24 hours in the state of Cojedes. The rains were accompanied by strong gusts of wind that ended up affecting structures and families, the entity's firefighters reported.

In the Érika Farías sector, Girardot municipality, 05 improvised ranch-type homes suffered damage due to falling roofs, as well as their infrastructure, leaving six families affected, without affecting the health and integrity of the people, according to an evaluation by the fire department. from Cojedes.

They clear fallen trees in the middle of the road

On the other hand, in the El Limón sector, in San Carlos, fire department officials cleared three fallen trees due to the rains, which were blocking the road leading to Las Vegas, Rómulo Gallegos municipality.

One of the trees, a sea grape species, hindered the San Carlos-Las Vegas stretch in both directions; The other tree was lying in the middle of a public road blocking both canals, and a third of the Naranjillo species obstructed the left canal that leads to San Carlos.

In another incident, which occurred on Trunk 008, specifically in the Juan Aponte sector of the Girardot municipality, fire department officials, together with state police, Civil Protection and Corpoelec, carried out the chopping and pruning of a carabalí species tree, which It was about to collapse, putting high-voltage power lines at risk.

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