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Viva Venezuela Festival arrived in Cojedes

This second chapter has a varied cultural program that will run until Sunday, June 23

With a varied program of cultural expressions, the Viva Venezuela World Festival arrives in Cojedes state, in its second chapter, where the public will enjoy concerts, presentations by cultural groups, workshops, craft demonstrations, craft fair, Viva Venezuela room and parade.

Programming that will extend until Sunday, June 23, with concerts during the three days in Plaza Bolívar in San Carlos; In addition, it will have public and open events of the community axis in the nine municipalities and the 15 parishes of the entity, where workshops, craft exhibitions and parades will be held.

On Thursday the 21st, a crafts workshop using recyclable materials, a crafts exhibition and a presentation of the Son Venezolano drum group took place in Bolívar Square in the Rómulo Gallegos municipality.

In the Girardot municipality, in Plaza Bolívar de El Baúl, rag doll and queen piñata activities were held; In addition, those present enjoyed Venezuelan singing with Ali Herrera's joropo llanero and the “La Crema Llanera” music group.

Likewise, in the capital municipality, this Thursday afternoon cultural groups presented such as: Juventud Criolla, Guazabaras Bailorio, Parranda La Flor de Cojedes, 24 de Julio cultural ensemble, La Llora cultural collective (from the state of Aragua), Eritaj Desalin (from the Republic of Haiti), Sabor a Pueblo, Somos Talento Cojedeño, San Pascual Bailón, Diablos Danzantes, among others.

The director of the cultural cabinet in Cojedes, Karina Rojas, pointed out that at the opening ceremony the group Luces de Mi Patria, circus and clowns was presented, highlighting the energy and joy that expressions with traditional Venezuelan roots and the delegations from other countries have. countries.

He reported that in the extensive program there are traditional games, face painting, stilt walkers, clowns “and many workshops of interest to our cultural people and that are also open to the public, we will be in the Bolívar squares of all the municipalities, at 15 parishes,” Rojas highlighted.

Also, Rojas invited people to participate in the festival where children, young people and adults will be able to enjoy local gastronomic samples, as well as crafts and educational activities.

The Festival brings together more than 700 national and international artists

It is important to highlight that the second edition of the Viva Venezuela World Festival brings together 726 national and international artists, in order to celebrate the diversity and richness of Venezuelan traditions.

Among the participants, the presence of local cultists stands out, such as: María Daniela Muñoz, performer of the Danzas Guazabaras group who perform at this festival with the Bailorio proposal, where they present the entire cultural festival cycle of the Eje Centro (Ezequiel Zamora municipality ), linked to “the May Cross, the dance to San Juan and closing with a joropo.”

The San Pascual Bailón demonstration was also felt at the Viva Venezuela World Festival, Nelly Álvarez, representative of the promeseros of this cultural manifestation of the Ricaurte municipality, expressed that with devotion and joy every May 17 they celebrate their day and that it is a tradition that It has been in the hearts of the people of Cojedeños for 224 years.

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