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In Cojedes, service providers present 11 tourist routes

The Minister of Tourism held a meeting with local authorities and service providers in the area

Tourism service providers in the state of Cojedes presented 11 tourist routes for their validation process, this after a visit to the entity by the Minister of Popular Power for Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón.

The head of Tourism pointed out that "we want to give a boost to the tourism sector, an important element for development, tourism, the secret weapon of Venezuela and Cojedes."

Likewise, he indicated that they are considering the creation of tourist development zones in the entity, “because I am convinced that nature tourism, adventure tourism, is an element that promotes important economic and social synergies that the Cojedes state will have. in the coming times,” Padrón stressed.

The Minister expressed that they are working to join forces with the regional and local government, all institutions and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, “all joining together because Cojedes must also be on the radar of tourism in Venezuela,” he emphasized.

He also explained that the Cojedes state cannot be left out of the national strategy for the development of the change in the country's vision, "going from being a rentier economy to a productive economy, having tourism as one of its fundamental elements of development and social inclusion,” he assured.

He added that this plains state has potential for the tourism sector, which is why he came to support the more than 50 service providers in the field, who promote this economic activity that drives investment and productive development in Cojedes.

This Tuesday, the head of the Tourism portfolio led an important meeting of the Higher Body of Tourism in Cojedes, an event that was attended by the governor of the entity, Alberto Galíndez; as well as the Vice Minister of Tourism Projects and Works, Brian Vargas; the director of tourism in Cojedes, Susana Escalona, ​​among other authorities.

Cojedes tourist police sworn in

The Minister of Tourism, during the session with the higher body, swore in a Tourist Police Service, a component made up of officials from the state police and the Bolivarian National Police, with the purpose of providing greater security to tourists, as well as guaranteeing the protection of the different areas and tourist sites of the entity.

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