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In Cojedes they launch 45 thousand aircraft in the Tirgua National Park

The plant species used were carocaro, flamboyán and samán

A total of 45 thousand kits containing seeds of plant species such as carocaro, flamboyán and samán, were launched this Thursday afternoon in various spaces of the Tirgua National Park, located in the Ezequiel Zamora municipality, as part of the national reforestation plan " Sowing Lives” that the Ministry of Popular Power for Ecosocialism (Minec) has been developing.

The launch of the supplies (packages with seeds of different plant species, nutrients and substrates) was carried out within the framework of Environment Day, which seeks the conservation and reforestation of this important national park to continue deepening the ecosocialist action in the entity. .

Representatives of the entities attached to Minec were present at the site, including: CONARE, Misión Arbol, Inparques, Park Rangers, Forest Firefighters, Environmental Nursery and People's Guard.

Students plant 309 plants

Another activity carried out in Cojedes within the framework of the environment day was the planting of 1 plants, as part of a reforestation campaign carried out by high school students from the nine municipalities of the entity, which seek to value their role in the Environmental care.

They planted different species: Flamboyan, Mereyes, Chaguaramos, Tecas and Apamates, an action that also forms part of the national program One Student, One Tree; a strategy focused on environmental policy that is developed jointly with the Ministries of Popular Power for Ecosocialism, Ministry of Popular Power for Education and Mission Tree, based on the National Reforestation Plan 2022-2025.

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