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In Cojedes they disconnect 293 machines linked to mining

As part of the Special Cargo Control Plan that Corpoelec implements together with the Public Ministry to improve the service

293 mining machines, located in Orupe, Tinaco municipality, Cojedes state, were disconnected from the National Electrical System, as part of the Special Load Control Plan implemented by Corpoelec together with the Public Ministry, aimed at high consumption users linked to digital mining and seeking avoid the high impact on the demand for electrical service.

The Territorial Manager of the state electricity company, G/D Ascensión García Caballero, reported that together with officials from the Superior Prosecutor's Office of the Cojedes state, members of the Division Against Organized Crime of the Bolivarian National Police and a commission from the State electricity company, formed by workers from the Marketing and Protection and Prevention Management, proceeded to verify the operation of the Dimitras CA mining farm, located on the main street of the Orupe community, in the Tinaco municipality.

“In this procedure, the Public Ministry seized as evidence of criminalistic interest 293 mining machines, 22 cooling fans, nine 400 amp breakers, eight 200 volt contactors, two computers adapted for the mining surveillance and monitoring system and four power transformers. 167.5 kVA”, explained García Caballero.

He pointed out that, in compliance with the guidelines of the Minister of Popular Power for Electrical Energy, G/D Jorge Márquez, the purpose is to disconnect all cryptocurrency mining farms in the country from the National Electrical System (SEN), to avoid the high impact on demand, which will allow us to continue offering an efficient and reliable service to all the Venezuelan people.

Finally, the Territorial Manager urged those who carry out digital mining activities to be reported to the corresponding authorities, such as the Citizen Security Organizations or the Corpoelec offices.

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