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They will develop tourism potential in the first phase in Tinaquillo

A work table was held to generate proposals to develop the spaces declared with tourist potential

The vice minister of tourism projects and works, Eng. Braian Vargas, led a working group this Tuesday with tourism service providers, institutions, communities and communal tourism spokespersons, with the aim of generating proposals to develop spaces declared with tourism potential in the Cojedes state.

They seek to continue strengthening the projects undertaken to promote Cojedes as a tourist destination, which is why they agreed to take advantage in a first phase of the potential of the Tinaquillo municipality, a place that concentrates the greatest growth in tourist infrastructure in the region.

“The proposal generated from the state of Cojedes in a first phase is towards the Tinaquillo municipality where there is the greatest boom in tourist infrastructure towards the Tinaquillo, Banco Bonito, Carache and Vallecito axes, as well as Taguanes – Cogollito,” reported the vice minister.

This declaration allows the incorporation of the Tourism Development Zones in the work, management and POA plans of the mayors, governorates and ministries with relationship and competence in the development of projects and attention in the territory.

Another topic addressed during the meeting was the strategic lines for the development of tourism in Venezuela, ranging from stewardship and governance, management of tourist destinations, promotion of national and foreign investments, competitiveness and tourism promotion, as well as training. and training of human talent to guarantee quality services.

Also, the vice minister recalled the importance of celebrating World Tourism Day with a view to preparing the actions for its commemoration, for this year the motto proposed by the United Nations Tourism Organization 2024 is “Tourism and Peace”, highlighting the role of tourism in promoting peace and international understanding, as well as the role of peace as a vital element in the development of sustainable tourism.

It should be noted that these working groups were carried out within the framework of the new vision of tourism and the promotion of investments, promoted by the national government through the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism, also in compliance with the agreements made. in the recent visit to the state of Cojedes by the Minister of Tourism Alí Padrón Paredes.

The vice minister took the opportunity to tour the different areas that comprise one of the largest and pioneering establishments in the state's tourism development, such as Las 5J, located in the Tinaquillo municipality, the space from where this event was carried out. activity.

Among the attendees were the director of the entity's tourism ministry, Eng. Susana Escalona, ​​as well as representatives of government, municipal and national institutions, among others.

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