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Russia already has its first UVE photolithography equipment ready

Russia plans to have an EUV lithography machine ready in 2028 capable of manufacturing 7nm chips

The Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Vasily Shpak, announced during the “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia” conference that his country has already prepared its first extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photolithography equipment.

The technological underpinnings of this machine are not yet known, and Russia may never make this information public, but presumably it should rely on technology not unlike that used by ASML in its own UVE lithography equipment.

The complexity of an EUV lithography machine is very high. ASML It took more than two decades to have fully functional equipment equipped with this technology ready, and it had the economic and technological support of its best clients, Xataka reported in a press release.

Intel invested in 2012 no less than 4.000 million to help you finance the development of this chip manufacturing machine. Precisely this complexity explains why China does not yet have its own EUV lithography machine, and it is surprising that Russia already has a prototype ready, he added.

Shpak has confirmed that its construction is entirely Russian, and, more importantly, he has also anticipated that this first SVU machine is capable of manufacturing 350 nm integrated circuits.

Finally, Russia manages to have in 2028 an EUV lithography equipment capable of manufacturing 7 nm integrated circuits, which will place it disturbingly close to the US and its allies in this field.

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