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They create beer made from killer bees

It is made from yeast that resides in the intestinal microbiome of Namibian killer bees.

Scientists at Cardiff University (Wales, United Kingdom) have made a beer from yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that resides in the gut microbiome of Namibian killer bees.

It is a unique craft beer, called 'Killer Bee Beer', that will help fund research into the use of bee products in the pharmaceutical and other industries, according to a release from the university, RT reported.

The beer has been brewed within the 'Pharmabees' project, which studies how the pollination of certain plants could lead to the development of drugs to combat superbacteria and antibiotic resistance.

Project participants have installed numerous beehives around the British university, as well as specific plants, to encourage the production of super honey and aid research into superbugs.

Researchers seek to combine scientific knowledge of microbiology and bee products to produce something unique.

Now, after creating a prototype using Namibian killer bees that had died naturally and mixing their yeast with that of Welsh honey bees, the scientists are looking for a brewer to collaborate with to bring Killer Bee Beer to the market.

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