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Young people from China and Venezuela exchange opinions online

CGTN television channel in Spanish premiered the special program “China-Venezuela Youth Talk”

In the context of 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Venezuela, the Spanish CGTN television channel premiered the special program “China-Venezuela Youth Talk”, where young guests explored the deep ties between the two countries, focusing on their experiences and perspectives.

According to a note from Ministry of Science and Technology, Deng Ying, presenter of CGTN Español, together with Carlos Arellán Solórzano, presenter of Venezolana de Televisión, led the meeting.

Through online connections, guests of both countries They exchanged their views on topics of interest to young people.

The president of the Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology (Fundacite) of the state of La Guaira, Eladio Jiménez, participated in this activity, sharing his training experiences in the Asian giant where he studied computer science and technology.

Jiménez detailed the technological advances of the city of Shenzhen, with which the La Guaira state established a twinning agenda that included the signing of 10 memorandums of understanding for the development of areas linked to solar energy, radio frequency, underground exploration, food and Electronic components.

During the space, Liu Chao, a Chinese businessman with more than a decade working in Venezuela, said that in recent years the perception of China in the South American country has been evolving.

While the influencer Elisa Andrade, who has been living in China for many years, shared some of her experiences about what it is like to live in China, a nation where “daily needs are taken care of and every corner of the country is reached thanks to the trains. high speed".

Furthermore, the journalist from the Venezuelan newspaper Correo del Orinoco, Freidder Alfonzo, who is currently on a working visit to China, assured that it is impressive to see how the society of this country lives, and how local governments are committed to sustainable development and protect their natural resources.

The China-Venezuela Youth Talk was established as a platform where guests also give their opinion on the importance of strengthening cultural ties between young people from both nations in order to achieve the exchange of knowledge for the benefit of the people.

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