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Yordano remembers Evio Di Marzo on his anniversary

The musician, anthropologist and businessman would have turned 70 this May 23

The renowned Italian-Venezuelan singer-songwriter Yordano Di Marzo dedicated some words full of nostalgia and love to his brother Evio Di Marzo, who would have turned 70 this May 23.

Through his social networks, Yordano shared a carousel of photographs that capture endearing moments of both in their youth, as well as memorable images of Evio, reflecting the union and affection that always characterized them.

“My Heart was made for you… My little brother, my Moorish heart. We miss you. Happy birthday there too💙 @eviodimarzo“Yordano wrote, words that resonate with the loss of his brother, who died in 2018.

This is an excerpt from the song “Corazón moro”, which was part of Adrenalina Caribe's first album and which the famous 72-year-old singer performed as a duet with another icon of music made in Venezuela: Colina.

Almost six years of absence

Evio, also a musician and composer, left a legacy in Venezuelan music as the founder of the group Adrenalina Caribe, a reference for the avant-garde music of the 80s in Venezuela.

Born on May 23, 1953 in Caracas, Di Marzo was a talented and passionate singer-songwriter. Together with Yordano, his older brother, he began his professional career in groups such as Ford Rojo 1954 and among his most popular songs is “Where does your name come from”, recorded in 1987.

In addition to his musical career, Evio Di Marzo was an anthropologist by training and shared his knowledge as a professor at the Central University of Venezuela. Over the years, he also owned a pizzeria and worked as a taxi driver. His multifaceted life and his passion for music left an indelible mark on Venezuelan society.

The artist was tragically murdered in Caracas in 2018. His death left a deep void in the music and culture of Venezuela. He was intercepted in the Bellas Artes area, in the center of the city, while he was traveling in his vehicle.

Several individuals approached him with the intention of stealing his car. However, Di Marzo resisted and in that confrontation the criminals shot him. Unfortunately, he arrived at the hospital without vital signs.

His legacy lives on in the notes of his songs and in the hearts of those who appreciate the country's music and culture.

The reactions

At the close of this edition, Yordano's post has more than 2 thousand likes and 82 comments from followers of both musicians.

“The Di Marzo brothers. They have given so much beauty and joy to Venezuela. I have always admired them and I suffered greatly from the sad outcome of Evio, a poet of song. ❤️🙌👏😍”, said the user @douglasalce, while @wearaquote remembered “the pizzeria in Pedroza alley in Florida!... I was close to the house, I was walking with my dad... The pizzas were the best but I was going more than anything to see if one day I would see you there!!.. 😂.”

“Evio was musically ahead of his time. A genius,” @juanalvarezbrett left and @richgutierrezipuana typed: “The anthropologist, colleague and tremendous musician, like his brother Yordano.

@Viviantoledanouria shared an anecdote. “Yordano and Evio…❤️ I tell you Yordano, we have always listened to them both, but on the trips from Maracaibo to the keys, to Mérida, wherever we went by road, we were listening to Adrenalina Caribe and Evio…. my children grew up with the company of that music... when Evio died, my son, who was 21 years old at the time, had an outburst of anger, of heartbreaking pain... I couldn't accept what had happened... it was a very difficult moment, emotionally terrible... but "As someone here said, as long as his music is there, it will always be with us."

“Talking about Evio is talking about camaraderie full more stories and we ended up singing pods jodaxxx hahaha he had a rhythm to everything and we could handle that in a lot on the radio and we talked about the productions of various artists and so on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Corduroy, my brother is fondly remembered”; “Yordano, your brother was a musical genius, a great musician”; “Heart writing and singing with feeling 👏”; “What theme, what images, what feelings…”; “A Yordano hug. We love you"; and “beautiful song, it is so reflective, lyrics and music that transcend time,” were other messages.

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