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Yalitza Aparicio wants to tell stories that inspire girls

Actress Yalitza Aparicio says in an interview with EFE that “it is necessary” to tell stories in which girls learn “that dreams can come true.” This is regarding her participation in the documentary 'Las Amazonas de Yaxunah', which captures the milestone of a softball team made up of Mayan women from Mexico.

The Mexican artist, the first indigenous woman to be nominated for an Oscar for best actress for her role as a domestic worker in Alfonso Cuarón's 'Roma' (2018), knows very well the barriers that girls, especially those from minority groups, face. face in order to achieve their goals.

That is why she has lent her voice to narrate the documentary about the women's softball team from Yaxunah, a small town in Yucatan with no more than 800 inhabitants, where, against all odds, they have managed to overcome machismo and criticism for wanting to be athletes.

He appears with three members of the Mayan team. EFE

To inspire many people

“They are an example and a model to follow. It is necessary to tell these stories so that the girls who see them know that it is possible. At least I would have liked to know that it was possible,” the artist points out in Los Angeles in a promotional interview for the film produced by ESPN.

She insists that the story of the 'The Amazons of Yaxunah', as the team made up of players between 14 and 63 years of age is called, “can inspire many people.”

Aparicio took on the task of learning about the lives of women on a trip to the town (Yaxunah). “It is an honor to have been with them because they have set this standard in society to say that it is possible, and there are no limits of age, gender, or your origin,” he says.

She felt identified

And the actress found in the story of these athletes many similarities with the path she had to travel to be recognized in the artistic field.

He points out that it takes a lot of strength to be able to continue despite the negative comments.

Deaf ears

That resilience that Aparicio refers to was learned by María Enedina Canul, who at 54 years old plays as a first baseman, and was the one who decided to form the team taking advantage of a program from the Government of Yucatán.

 "I'm not going to care what people say, since I was a child I liked that kind of sport, and now that I have that opportunity I'm not going to give it up because of gossip," she recalls about her conversations with her late husband, who preferred to stay at home and be a good example for his children.

High the name of Yucatán

But Canul's decision managed to unite in this dream such young players as the pitcher Sitlali Poot, 21 years old, who feels proud to have left behind "everything bad" and to be raising the name of Yucatán and its customs. .

The Yaxunah Amazons have managed to take their feat beyond the borders of Mexico and have played in stadiums such as Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, -among others-, where they played with their traditional 'hipiles'.

Red carpet with Yalitza

The two athletes are preparing to walk on the red carpet together with Aparicio next Sunday, June 2, at the Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival (LALIFF), where the documentary premieres.

Alfonso Algara, director of the film, is confident that the proposal will help empower women. “That they lose the fear of leaving their comfort zone (…) and that they really have that capacity for what they want,” he told EFE.

In addition, Aparicio hopes that the film will also raise awareness among sports fans.

"We can also be consumers of this talent that exists, that if we see that there is a women's meeting we can go and support them because they are equally talented, we continue to fall into this part of machismo, of saying that if they are women it will surely be boring and it is not,” said the actress.

 The documentary will debut on Disney-owned ESPN platforms during Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated in September in the United States.

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