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Venezuelan Zhamira Zambrano dedicates emotional song to her daughter

Venezuelan singer Zhamira Zambrano explores her fears, expectations and feelings about the big life change she will soon experience in 'Bienvenida', a song she dedicates to the girl she is waiting with her husband, Puerto Rican vocalist Jay Wheeler.

The couple, who celebrated their religious wedding in December 2023, revealed the happy news of the Caracas woman's pregnancy in a post shared on Instagram that coincided with the premiere of the song.

With lyrics that reflect the duality of emotions she faces on her journey to motherhood, the lyrics of 'Bienvenida' speak of the uncertainty, the fear of making mistakes and the joy that comes with waiting for a child.

Pop and urban

Musically, the production combines elements of Latin pop with subtle touches of urban music in which the clarity and emotionality of the Venezuelan voice stands out.

“You grow up and they tell you that you better prepare, but they don't tell you how to start. Convince me that this fear little by little for love is going to change,” the artist sings at the beginning of the song, who first became known on YouTube and then in the second season of the Latin American reality singing show on Univision 'La banda' ( 2016), created by Ricky Martin and Simon Cowell, where it was a finalist.

“My world is about to change, in a couple more months. It's going to change my life, giving you what you ask for, don't take so long, I'm waiting for you, you're welcome," the 26-year-old interpreter also later intones.

Pregnancy timeline

The music video that accompanies the song was directed by José Emilio Sagaro. The clip, which offers a timeline of the pregnancy and alternates images of Zhamira Zambrano in the garden of a house, with others with Jay Wheeler. In the latter, both are very affectionate and make their union evident.

“I don't believe you, how happy. Congratulations to both of you. God bless you,” was the comment that the Venezuelan singer Joaquina left on the Instagram post. For her part, vocalist Anabel Pantoja, niece of the famous Isabel Pantoja, expressed: “My children, I love you, this blessing is so beautiful.”

“Nothing is more beautiful than having a family with the right person”, “It tastes like a Disney movie to me, the part in which the Princess sings while she feels something for the prince, Congratulations Jay and Zhamira”; and “Who else cutting onions?” How beautiful the video, the song and everything. What a beautiful family, many blessings,” other Internet users also commented on YouTube.

Since I was little I have been singing

Born in Caracas on February 27, 1998, Zhamira Zambrano showed an inclination for the artistic world from an early age, although it was at the age of 8 that she began studying singing at the Mayré Martínez academy (the first Latin American Idol), where she was for two years.

After residing in Miami, he decides to go in search of an opportunity in the music industry, taking advantage of his YouTube channel to present part of his proposal.

Although she has not yet released her first album, she has hits like 'Estrellita', which has already accumulated more than 21 million total views on all digital platforms. Its video has more than 9 million views on YouTube.

Likewise, the single 'Extrañandote', with Jay Wheeler, has accumulated more than 60 million views on all platforms and reached position number 3 on Billboard's Latin Pop Airplay list.

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