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Vanessa Gonçalves reflected on depression

Miss Venezuela 2010 said that she found the way out in yoga and meditation

The model Vanessa Gonçalves said that she experienced episodes of depression and anxiety attacks. In the midst of her reflection, she shared the tools she used to overcome her crisis.

La Miss Venezuela 2010 He also warned that the situation was due to feeling that it was not enough. His comments were driven by the hope of helping others who are going through a difficult time.

“It all starts with upbringing. Part of the chapter where everything comes in is when I graduated from school and I arrived with grades of 18 and 19, excited to give it to my parents and they told me that it's nothing more than your job. This is what Gonçalves told María Alejandra Requena on her podcast.

The conversation, which lasted more than 40 minutes, allowed him to air several memories. "I graduated from university with honors in Dentistry and they just said 'I knew you could do it.' My whole upbringing was like that, I tried hard and everything was 'ok'. It was his way of discipline and understanding that we were not doing anything extraordinary.”

For the dentist, growing up with that in her head made her doubt her decisions. “All your life with that pattern you become an adult and you keep repeating it,” she said.

Mental health

During the interview, Vanessa highlighted that at some point she felt that she had to make an attempt on her life.

“Mental health is an issue to which we do not give real importance. I grew up with sadness and melancholy in my veins (Portuguese roots). Also my first boyfriend, who we had for six years, died in a traffic accident. That was a very strong blow. I was going to marry him… That was my first episode of depression,” she recalled, stating that she was 21 years old.

That's when he decided to do therapy to control it. “The therapies helped me get out, but not to understand the origin. I think that origin was not clear to me. It is a very internal task.”

Meditation and yoga

Armed with courage, Vanessa pointed out that she found inner strength and looked for a way to move forward by practicing yoga. An activity that today, the 38-year-old woman carries out even as an instructor.

“I started about seven years ago. I started with meditation and then yoga.” In this sense, Vanessa pointed out that when she explored sports and spiritual discipline, she felt very bad. “One day I woke up and said I didn't want to continue living. She was tired, she felt a torment in her head. That's why I wanted to sleep all day. because sleeping was the only way not to feel it,” she added.

Gonçalves also recalled that at one point when he was on a balcony, he thought that ending his life was the easiest way out.

“I am enough, I am vulnerable”

During the conversation Vanessa Gonçalves took the opportunity to talk about her book “I am enough, I am vulnerable”, in which she tells some life stories.

The book, which she released in 2023, focuses on episodes about her love life that led her to severe depression. Among them, her failed attempt to convert to Judaism. Likewise, beauty, sports, health, family, old age and the reason why she has frozen her eggs are exposed. Likewise her connection with yoga.

“The book, which I had not released because I believed it was not enough, is released because one of my mother's cousins ​​commits suicide. He was a summa cum laude man. A brilliant guy, an exceptional father, a worker,” he said.

In her closing with María Alejandra Requena, Vanessa Gonçalves stressed that you cannot underestimate anyone's problems or try to minimize them. “When someone starts telling the story, lend an ear, that is more than giving any advice. Many times people need to express themselves.”

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