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A pop diva faces horror in the first trailer for 'Smile 2'

Two years after the premiere of 'Smile' (Smile), Paramount Pictures finally releases the first trailer for the sequel to the hit horror film. In this installment, a pop star (played by Naomi Scott) faces a curse that manifests itself through a chilling smile.

“Something really strange is happening to me… I keep seeing this face everywhere,” the protagonist of the film, which was directed by Parker Finn, who was also responsible for the original film, is heard saying in the trailer.

The preview was preceded by a viral marketing campaign that highlights the music video of the singer who stars in the story.

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relentless curse

The plot of 'Smile 2' once again focuses on the relentless curse in which a demon gradually harasses and damages people's psyches, feeding on their unresolved traumas from having experienced a near death as children. When the victims can't take it anymore, he forces them to take their lives in a violent and horrible way in front of another person, who from that moment on becomes the bearer of the curse.

The official synopsis of 'Smile 2', as highlighted by Cine Premiere, highlights how, about to embark on a new world tour, music star Skye Riley (Scott) begins to experience increasingly terrifying and inexplicable events. Faced with escalating horrors and the pressures of fame, Skye will have to explore her dark past to try to regain control of her life.

In the newly released trailer you can see how Skye's life turns into hell, as she faces different moments of terror, including a crowded banquet where everyone is seen with a disturbing expression. “Stop smiling at me!” the terrified artist ends up shouting at the situation.

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The clip ends with Skye trying to sign an autograph for a red-haired girl with a sinister smile.

unexpected success

It should be noted that the original film, 'Smile', became a surprise box office success in 2022, grossing $217 million with a modest budget of only $17 million. The production also received positive reviews for its story, something unusual for this type of production. Specialists also praised the performance of the lead actress, Sosie Bacon.

That first installment concluded with Joel (Kyle Gallner) witnessing the gruesome death of his ex-girlfriend Rose Cotter (Bacon) after she set herself on fire due to the mysterious smiling demon. From that moment on, he will have to bear the curse.

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Let it be unexpected

“There are elements of the first film that I deliberately left unexplored. "I want the sequel to feel very unexpected, exciting and fresh in a way that can catch audiences off guard and make sure the film has a new bag of tricks up its sleeve," director Finn told Dan Of Geek about your intention with this delivery.

In addition to Naomi Scott and Kyle Gallner, who reprises his role as Joel, the film also stars Rosemarie DeWitt, Lukas Gage, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Peter Jacobson, Raúl Castillo, Dylan Gelula and Ray Nicholson.

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