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Emmanuelli sings about heartbreak in “Tattoo”

The song is part of the next album that the Puerto Rican singer will release

With more than two decades of experience, Emmanuelli, the Puerto Rican singer, harmonica player and composer, has left an indelible mark on the world of music. His voice, inherited from a lyrical and ballad singer father, transitions easily between rock, soul, jazz and salsa. Emmanuelli has collaborated with renowned artists and participated in significant projects that have enriched his career and his ability to tell stories through music.

Today, Emmanuelli presents us with “Tatuaje”, his eleventh single, a piece that exudes a modern and adult sound. This song moves away from clichés and immerses itself in a mix of rock and melodic ballads, impregnated with the musical influences that have been part of his evolution as a singer-songwriter.

“Tatuaje” is the result of new experiences and collaborations with the singer-songwriter Alejandro Medina from Juego del Teatro, the musician and producer Ian Litovich in the United States, and the instrumentalist and producer Harry Aponte, who already worked on several Emmanuelli songs.

New album

This new single joins a list of hits that includes “Bala”, “Negra”, “La historia de un adiós”, “Tu contradicción”, “El duel”, “Bad promise of love”, “Unfriended” and “ Christmas time". “Tattoo” not only promises to be a hit in their repertoire, but it will also be part of an album that is expected to be released during this year 2024.

Emmanuelli's music continues to evolve, and “Tattoo” is proof of his commitment to innovation and quality. The single is now available on all digital platforms for download and promises to be a sonic tattoo in the hearts of her followers.

To keep up to date with Emmanuelli and his music, fans can follow him on Facebook as Rubben Emmanuelli, on Twitter @rubbenblues, on Instagram @rubbene and on YouTube as Emmanuelli. For more information, his music and upcoming events, you can visit his official website.

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