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Stefanía Fernández will have a podcast on emotional well-being

Stefanía Fernández talked about her next project: “Believe to heal”, a podcast dedicated to emotional well-being. The former Venezuelan beauty queen, who will premiere the space on May 28, spoke about the topic in a recent dynamic of questions on her social networks.

“This project was born because, for a long time, I have had a producer friend who told me: 'Stefa, but record yourself, tell your stories, I know that if people know you a little more, they know all those wonderful stories that you have for tell and that people don't know, they are going to connect with you a lot, because there is a part that they don't know," Fernández said in his Instagram stories.

And he added: “I said no, it scares me very much, I don't want to do it alone. And it turns out that God puts the right people on the path and He put Andrea, a great friend, and she was the one who encouraged me the most and told me; 'let's do it".

The person the woman from Merida is referring to is Andrea Betancourt, psychologist and CEO of the Absolutely Holistic and Wellness Retreats space.

Stefanía Fernández pointed out that Bentancourt was her psychologist and that she did therapy with her. "When I opened up to her and told her things about my life, she told me: 'Hey, you can transform many lives and people by telling your stories.' So she encouraged me and very soon we will be telling those stories,” she said.

“I liked business”

During the virtual interaction, the former model also made reference to how she started in the business world and faced the fears of starting such an adventure. As will be remembered, the Miss Universe 2009 is the founder of the organic brand Ammaterre Skin, a line of skin care products. 

“Before having my skin care business, I started two businesses: one is a clothing brand with a very loved and recognized Venezuelan designer. Then I started a business at a modeling academy in Panama with a friend who was also my partner,” she noted.

The businesswoman also highlighted that she always liked business. “I have taken a risk every time I see an opportunity and I take it. “I always see things as a learning process and a process of great teachings,” she said.

“Obviously understanding those fears. Until I started my own business, which is Ammaterre, I understood many things about trademark registration, contracts, company registration. “Everything is a great learning experience,” added Stefanía Fernández.

He misses his roots

During the interaction, Stefanía Fernández also highlighted that she misses Venezuela. “I miss my country a lot. Obviously, I made the decision to make a new life in another country and although I am very grateful in this country and I love it, I miss my roots, I miss my city of Mérida, my landscapes, the people and their quality.”

The 33-year-old businesswoman expressed that she also misses her people. “Now that I have my own family, I would like my children to grow up close to their cousins, their grandparents, and that is not possible,” she said.

Fernández took the opportunity to emphasize that despite the distance, at home he maintains part of Venezuelan traditions and customs.

“I do apply them in my house. In this house you eat arepas, tequeños, you listen to Venezuelan music,” she noted proudly.

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