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102 works to be auctioned by Fundana

There are 102 works donated by Venezuelan and foreign plastic artists, which will be auctioned for the benefit of the various Fundana programs, this Sunday, October 27, at the Ciudad Banesco auditorium in Caracas. The art show will be open to the public on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 in the exhibition hall of this institution, from 4:30 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm.

In the fifteenth auction, whose theme is Gratitude, the 102 donated pieces will enter the bid this Sunday at the Fernando Crespo Suñer auditorium starting at eleven in the morning, and the hammer will be in charge of the curator and art critic Axel Stein, review press release.

The artists whose works will be put up for bid are the following: Alejandro Brito, Andrés Celis, Arnoldo Díaz, Alfonzo Flamez, Astolfo Funes, Ángel Willian Hernández, Ángel Hurtado, Andrea Justine, Alejandro Plaza, Abraham Rosales, Adrián Pujol, Alessandro Mónaco, Ana Isabel Reyna, Alberto José Sánchez, Ana María Olalde, Armando Velutini, Arturo Quintero, Ben Abounassif, Blanca Díaz, Carlos Medina, Carlos Calderón, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Clelia Benítez, Consuelo Ginnari, Corina Briceño, Corina Hernández, DAGOR Fabián Solymar, David Sánchez Vagnoni, David Vásquez, Delsy Rubio, Douglas José Cordova, EDO, Elizabeth Cemborain, Francisco Martínez, Fredy Ferreira, Gerardo Campos, Gian Pablo Polito, Guillermo Ferrer, Gustavo Fernández, Héctor Coll, Héctor Iguini, Héctor Ramírez, Hernán González Monterola , Hildemary Vizcaya, Humberto Salas, Isabel Basalo, Iván Salgrero, Jesús Matheus, Johann Avendaño, John Barrios, Jorge Pallares, José Margulis, José Antonio Araujo, José Antonio Dávila, José Luis García R., Juan Urbina, Juan Gerstl, Juan Alejandro Vegas, Juan Carlos Granadillo, Julio Maragall.

Karelis Ollarves, Katherine Sotillo, Luis Becerra, Lubeshka Suárez, Luigi Rodríguez, Luis Mille, Luis Alfredo Suárez, Magaly Otaola, Marco Bracho, María Angélica Viso, María Elena Álvarez, María Fernanda Lairet, Marianela Pérez, Martin Schoffel, Miguel De la Cruz, Miguel Prypchan, Napoleón Graziani, Natalia Valera, Omar Ponceleón, Orlando Perdomo, Oswaldo Vigas, Paul Amundaraín, Paulo Castro, Rafael Araujo, Rafael Barrios, Rafael Vera, Raquel Álvarez Villasmil, Raúl Cardozo, Ricardo Pérez Quintero, Rodrigo Machado Iturbe , Roy Dos Ramos, Saverio Cecere, Sigfredo Chacón, Tatiana Mantilla, Trino Sánchez, Vicente Antonorsi, Vicente Diez, William Caballero, Wuilfredo Soto, Yull Terán Maissi and Yuye De Lima.

In 2018 the auction "For the Love of Art and Venezuelan Children" managed to raise a significant amount with the sale of 82 works by 79 artists. "Space dynamics", by the sculptor Rafael Barrios and "Spheres of points", by the artist Héctor Ramírez, were the most sought-after works.

Fundana is a non-profit civil association that since 1991 provides comprehensive residential care to children, between newborns and seven years of age, who have been victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment and for this reason are separated from their parents, from temporarily or in some cases, permanently. Among its flagship programs are Las Villas de "Los Chiquiticos", a home for 120 babies located in Caracas and the Family Placement Program in a Substitute Family "Grandes y Chiquiticos", which offers the alternative of providing a temporary home to those children. they cannot live with their biological parents.

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