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Sixto Rein released “Hágase la luz”, his new album

Eight urban songs, mixed with afrobeat, electronica and reggaeton debut accompanied by their videos

Two years after “El seis”, Sixto Rein begins a new musical stage with the debut of his latest album. Motivated by the changes, and after a period of great production, the Venezuelan singer premiered “Hágase la luz”.

To build the album, far from delving into the deepest intimacy, Sixto Rein called on Yan Leyton and his Monster University team. Together they performed composition and performance management functions. This turn brought with it a change of sounds and lyrics that were “fresher from the hand of a young team with many ideas,” states the official newsletter. 

“There are eight urban songs, which are mixed a little with afrobeat, others with electronica, and the reggaeton songs have different speeds that mean that, even though it is the same genre, different rhythms are felt. Each of the eight songs represents an emotion and a feeling,” Sixto said in the statement.

As a promotional single, the singer chose to promote “Let there be light.” “I also wanted to give this name to the album, because it sounds very motivating and hopeful. It combines exactly with this season of my life in which there are so many things that I consider to be light,” said the Venezuelan.

The strategy

To sound tirelessly and reach the fans' ears, but also their sight, Sixto Rein dressed the songs with his video clips. The audiovisuals were filmed in Puerto Rico, Miami, Utah and New York, all directed by Jhon Nael and produced by Luz Kelly Pinto. 

“The idea is that each song has great energy, that they connect with the public and they are the ones who decide which of the eight paths to take. Without a doubt, recording all the videos with Jhon Nael was a great experience, beyond being fun, I know that the camera captured 100% what was wanted,” said the “Original Boy.”

Cataloged as the “largest production of his career,” “Let there be light” brings together the experience gained in years of musical work. “From the creation of each song, through the sequence videos and the distribution that is done with Altafonte, which we know will help us go further,” concluded Sixto Rein.

As if that were not enough, and thinking about a 360 experience, the artist also premiered web page where it includes music, videos and own information.

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