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Silvana Continanza resumed her activities after pregnancy

The actress said that it was "distressing" to leave her baby at home in the care of someone else

Silvana Continanza is happy to resume her work activities after pregnancy. Her new mother said that although she felt good about going out alone, she was afraid to leave her baby Siena at home, when she was only three months old.

Via Instagram, Continanza, who usually shares everything related to her baby with her followers, expressed that it was the first time she was separated from the baby girl born on March 19.

“Not everything is distressing, there is the other side of the coin… In my case I feel happy, content, productive… Going out alone and feeling like I can, once again, take control of my life in terms of my work” , the actress revealed in her stories.

“I'm excited because it's a good project. chévere and he is also punctual. “That allows me to do what I have to do and return home to my baby,” she added.

"It is awful"

New mothers face a handful of situations and emotions when taking steps that take them away from their babies. “My God this is horrible… I know everything is going to be okay. I left everything for him so that he would not have any type of problem such as the milk, the bottle, the injector,” she commented.

In the shared story, the former beauty queen, who wore Miranda's sash at Miss Venezuela 2006, noted that before going out she had breastfed her and left her asleep.

“The issue is that she hasn't held the bottle well, but I have always offered it to her. Right now someone else is going to offer it to her and we'll see if she grabs it, but I still hope that she doesn't need to eat in the little time that I'm outside, which she's going to do quickly,” she commented distressedly.

Mental torture

Silvana Continanza also wanted to highlight how she spent the previous days. “As I knew I was going to do this, I mentally tortured myself thinking the worst. Imagining things that are obviously not going to happen and when the day comes you feel like it's not as horrible as what you imagined,” she admitted.

To give herself more courage, she insisted that she should leave calmly and confidently.

The interaction served to recognize and celebrate all those mothers who have to leave their children to go to work. “I really admire all those mothers who have to go out to work full time and leave their babies. It is very hard… It is a process and the important thing is that they are well cared for,” she said.

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