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Sheryl Rubio had a hard time with Cain on her last trip to Mexico City

Sheryl Rubio suffered the heat wave in Mexico that left her with several health problems. The Venezuelan actress shared that she was working on Aztec soil, where she lived a terrible experience due to the extreme temperatures that hit the country and that threatens to worsen in mid-May.

“I arrived from Mexico. I was there almost two weeks. I was making cool things that I hope to show you at some point. I was basically working. The other days I was seeing people I know there and sharing with my mother,” she began to tell in her Instagram stories.

And he added: The weather in New York is much better than I left it. The weather in Mexico was strong. For those who are in Mexico City you know what I'm talking about. “The heat in Mexico is too strong.”

Several countries in the world are suffering from the constant heat. According to the latest forecasts from the National Meteorological Service (SMN) and the National Water Commission (Conagua), Mexico is preparing to face a third wave of extreme heat.

Air Conditioning

Likewise, Sheryl, who cannot stand the heat, commented that the Mexican capital is a city where the culture of air conditioning does not exist. “That culture does not exist and the fan is very European… I had never experienced what I went through these days… I had to go out and buy an air conditioner and install it,” she said.

"I told my mother: 'If I don't resolve the air issue, I'm going to have to leave.' because she couldn't sleep in the room, there were mosquitoes and she had to close the window and the door. That hot condensed air remained,” she explained.

Plan B

In his story, Rubio said that he made the decision to go to an Airbnb, a service that offers the option of renting a house or a space to stay.

“I had to go to an Airbnb because I had a very bad time and I needed to rest to work. I didn't want to pay for a hotel because they are very expensive and this Airbnb was next to my mom's house and was cheaper and had air conditioning. I stayed three nights until the air conditioning arrived,” she noted.

In the stories shared, the actress “100 days to fall in love” He also said that he had feverish symptoms and nosebleeds, due to the high temperatures.

“There is no humidity and my nose was bleeding all the time, but despite that I had a great time because there were people I wanted to see. I had a great time and ate delicious, mom's food,” she said.

One of the anecdotes that led Sheryl Rubio to look for a solution to cope with the situation was one night when she began to shake without having a fever.

“I woke up one day drenched in sweat and started to shake that I couldn't stop as if it were a fever… I couldn't control the shaking of my body that I had to wrap myself in in the middle of that heat… I got scared,” she concluded.

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