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Shakira on the new Pies Descalzos school: together we go for more

Shakira has led the educational initiative since 1997

The singer and philanthropist Shakira inaugurated the nineteenth school of the Pies Descalzos Foundation in Villas de Aranjuez, Cartagena. This was reported by the artist via social networks, with a carousel of photos that shows the facilities of the new educational center and some students who from now on will live in the classrooms.

This new educational establishment opens its doors to hundreds of students, offering them the opportunity to receive a quality education, a fundamental right that has been the focus of the foundation's mission since its creation.

“Today we inaugurate our 19th school @fpiesdescalzos in Villas de Aranjuez, Cartagena where 900 children will finally be able to access quality education! Very grateful to everyone who has made this possible for our boys and girls in Colombia. We continue and together we go for more! 💛💙❤️”, commented the “Ojos asi” interpreter in an Instagram post.

Twenty-seven years of struggle

The website of the Pies Descalzos Foundation highlights that an initiative led by Shakira since 1997 is at the forefront of the fight for education in Colombia, a country where more than a million children do not have access to education. With projects ranging from the construction of educational infrastructure to the implementation of innovative pedagogical practices, the foundation has impacted the lives of more than 152 thousand children and young people, offering them a path to escape the cycle of poverty.

The foundation's impact extends beyond the classroom. In 2022, they reached 59 girls, boys and young people, and 724 teachers with educational initiatives replicated in 2.717 schools throughout the national territory of Colombia. Figures that are a testament to the foundation's commitment to quality public education and its belief in education as the most powerful tool for social change.

The new institution in Cartagena is a symbol of hope and a testimony to the tireless work of the foundation and its allies. Shakira, through her global platform, has managed to bring together donors and collaborators to transform the educational reality of thousands of boys and girls in Colombia.

The inauguration of this school is one more step towards the foundation's objective of ensuring that every Colombian boy and girl has the opportunity to learn, dream and reach their maximum potential.

According to the information provided by the foundation, this new institution offers “an innovative design with a library, technological classrooms, laboratories, dining room, sports areas and much more!; spaces adapted for people with reduced mobility, guaranteeing the inclusion of everyone; and a teaching staff of 35 highly qualified professionals; and single-day education for preschool, basic and secondary grades.”

More than education

The Pies Descalzos Foundation not only focuses on education, but also promotes the comprehensive well-being of students, providing safe and appropriate spaces for learning and personal development. With each school that opens, the country's educational infrastructure is strengthened and access and school permanence are promoted.

The work of Shakira and the Pies Descalzos Foundation is a clear example of how passion and perseverance can generate significant changes. Every school built, every child educated, every life changed, are steps towards a brighter future for Colombia.

As Shakira herself expressed it: “Very grateful to everyone who has made this possible for our boys and girls in Colombia. We continue and together we go for more.”

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