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Servando and Florentino return to the sauce

"Lunares" serves as an appetizer for their next album "Se Busca: Vivos o Inmortales"

On the occasion of the premiere of his documentary, the brothers Servando and Florentino Primera announced that, in the short term, they would release the first unreleased song, and also the one chosen as a promotional song, from their new album after almost a decade without recording. They stated that they would return to salsa as a genre.

This is how a few weeks ago the duo conceived an intrigue campaign, in the style of “music traffickers”, in which they were seen in a video clip recorded in a Caracas parish.

It was all part of “Moles“, the song that tonight, starting at 8 pm, will be available on all streaming platforms.

“It all started when Servando picked up a guitar and I picked up a ukulele. We began humming minor chords, and from those initial melodies emerged a conversation about the beauty of freckles. That talk led us to reflect on moles, comparing them to constellations on the skin, a concept that seemed very sensual to us. The song began to take shape in a reggaeton rhythm. We took it into the hands of Motif, who transformed it into salsa,” they explained on the occasion of the launch of the song written by Servando, Florentino and John Paul “El Incredible.”

It is included in “Se Busca: Vivos o Inmortales”, the album they will release soon.

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