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Six dreams will be fulfilled in the Miss Grand election

On June 28, at the Círculo Militar theater in Fuerte Tiuna, the winners will be announced.

On June 28, at the Military Circle theater in Fuerte Tiuna, in the capital, the dreams of six young Venezuelan women to obtain a scepter will come true.

In this sense, Miss Grand, Miss Global, Miss Planet International, Miss Elite World, Miss and Miss Celebrity International and Top Diamond will be crowned, all contests of the national franchise that has goldsmith George Wittels as its local director.

On a visit to the editorial office of Últimas Noticias, the 18 candidates commented that although the maximum crown, which will allow the winner to travel in the last quarter of the year to the international event in Asia, "we consider that any of these crowns empower us as women," they said.

Students, some, and professionals, others, are these beauties, who, like the representative of Táchira, had to leave their family in their homeland “to get used to the madness of the capital. In the Andes everything is calmer, life is not so frenetic, but here I'm going to get used to it,” said Helen Chacón.

The gala will be entertained by former queens of the aforementioned organization, headed by Vanessa Coello, Yanuaria Verde, Mariam Pérez and Emmy Carrero.

The president of Miss Grand International, Nawat Itsaragrisil, is also expected to be present at the ceremony. It will be broadcast on the contest's YouTube channel.

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