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Scarlet Ortiz released details of 'Héroes', her new project

Scarlet Ortiz does not hide how excited she is about her new project with Hispanomedios. The Venezuelan actress, as you may remember, was one of the protagonists of 'Dramáticas', the project launched by the company to reactivate the soap opera industry in the country.

The space, which follows the podcast format, is called 'Heroes' and involves testimonies of success and improvement from ordinary people who have decided to take risks to make their ideas a reality.

“It is a space created to learn stories from people like you,” the actress from soap operas such as 'My Three Sisters', 'Everyone Loves with Marilyn' and '100 Days to Fall in Love' commented on her Instagram stories.

Screenshot: Instagram @ortizscarlet

“Beautiful stories”

“They don't know, nor can they imagine, the beautiful stories that I have heard, and it gives me satisfaction and joy to be able to be a spokesperson for these stories, so that these stories are known…So, well, you will hear more of these stories,” The 50-year-old artist added in the same way about what is supposed to be the first season of the project.

“If you want to make your story, your entrepreneurship, your brand, everything you have been through, known, write here,” Scarlet Ortiz also noted in reference to the social networks of Hispanomedios (@hispanomedio).

So far it has not been revealed when this podcast will debut, which it is inferred will be available through the HispanoTV application, just like the other Hispanomedios projects, which are currently about to start recording in the country (in Maracaibo, Zulia state). of his first reality show. 'bad women', as the program is called, will bring together figures such as Coraima Torres, Mariángel Ruiz, Kiara, Daniela Alvarado and Roxana Díaz, among others.

Screenshot: Instagram @danielferrerc

He passed through Caracas

In relation to Scarlet Ortiz, who was the main protagonist of the series 'Dramáticas', along with Luis Gerónimo Abreu and Roxana Díaz, it should be noted that she was recently visiting Venezuela. The artist did not reveal the reasons for her trip, although she did share various images of moments with her family and friends in the country.

“With parents, celebrating health in my beautiful Caracas,” commented the interpreter on May 21 when sharing a video in which she can be seen with her parents, Francisco and Hevis Marina, and her sister Alejandra.

Likewise, Scarlet did not miss the opportunity to highlight her years-long friendship with Roxana Díaz, to whom she dedicated an emotional message on Instagram.

“I love you, my Rox! I celebrate our friendship, no matter the distance or time. I know that the essence does not change. And as I wrote to you, your successes are my successes, you are happy and that makes me happy. How wonderful to have you in my life Rubia Sol. Signature: Morena Luna”, he highlighted on the social network.

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