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Scarlet Gruber talked about her character in “The Price of Loving You”

Scarlet Gruber, who starred in the Gloria Trevi bioseries “They are me,” repeats as the head of the cast in the soap opera “The price of loving you.” The Venezuelan actress advanced details of her character in the production in a recent dynamic that she carried out on her social networks.

“I am fascinated by the fact that she is a very empathetic woman, she is emotionally intelligent, she is very intuitive. She has a connection with nature and animals. She is a lot like me in many ways,” she said of her new role, without offering many details.

It should be noted that in the melodrama, Gruber will have Brazilian actor Marcus Ornellas as a partner, and that the fiction revolves around a man forced to abandon his family when he was a child.

Good or bad?

Scarlet Gruber said that this time she will not be the villain of the story. “I'll be the good one. It's about time, right? Purely bad villains and it was time for a beautiful love story that they can connect with, with which I can do nice things. She is not perfect, she is a very nice and noble human being,” she said.

The 35-year-old dancer also took the opportunity to mention that the drama is similar to the soap opera. “Land of Kings”, from 2014, where she played Andrea del Junco.

“This novel has many things similar to 'Land of Kings', although my character is totally different, I am going to be with horses in stables. She is an empowered woman. “She is going to be good,” she noted.

At this point, Gruber had already shared that he was learning this discipline to interpret the new character.

“Riding classes are going very well, I think I'm done with my classes. I know the basics, but first time I dare to ride. “I know that everyone told me that in 'Tierra de reyes' I did everything, but we also used doubles,” she noted.

And he added: “The scenes where I arrived with Andrea (her character) did so with great confidence, but here I am going to have to run with the horse, (for that reason) we had incredible teachers. So I feel prepared and ready.”

"Lot of talent"

Chamo's daughter Gabriel (Gabriel Fernández) also said that she is excited about the co-workers she has. "I am so excited. A very nice cast was put together, with a lot of talent and that fills me with emotion. Right now we are testing cameras, camera filters and things like that… Very soon we are going to start and I already want it to be tomorrow,” he expressed.

Another concern of his followers was about how he felt now with this new challenge. “I feel a lot of emotion, but you can't imagine. I feel a lot of peace. I feel good vibes around. I feel like it is going to be a great project and that you are going to love it,” he responded.

The space also served for fans to ask him if he has ever acted in a Venezuelan production. “I haven't had the opportunity, but I would love to be able to do it. I hope God gives me that opportunity to go and act there with my accent,” he said.

During the interaction, the artist also responded about the character that has challenged her the most. “The previous character for obvious reasons. Because she is Gloria Trevi, because she is alive, because she had a lot of responsibility with her audience to interpret her well, to do justice to her story.”

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