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Shakira travels to Colombia in an emergency due to her father's health problems

William Mebarak has breathing difficulties. He is admitted to the ICU in a clinic in Barranquilla

Shakira arrived on an emergency flight to Colombia, due to the hospitalization of her father, William Mebarak, 92 years old, in the intensive care unit of the Clínica Iberoamérica.

Shakira's father is having breathing difficulties due to pneumonia, according to sources close to the family, so the artist came to the Atlantic capital to support her mother Nidia in the hard times they are going through. She did it alone and without the company of her two children, Sasha and Milan.

The “Acróstico” interpreter arrived in her hometown early on Thursday, June 6, and was escorted by a strong security detail that included the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police. According to some witnesses, the philanthropist also arrived at the medical center after 10:00 in the morning in a white van, while other vehicles and police patrols were guarding her around her.

What is known so far

The reason that led William Mebarak to be under medical care again is unknown. However, according to RCN Radio, the nonagenarian is in the clinic for respiratory complications, possibly related to pneumonia.

“Due to data protection rights, they refrain from providing information about their health status and other details,” the clinic's security team told the aforementioned media.

For its part, the artist's communications team indicated that no type of information will be provided about the patient's health status, since both she and her loved ones seek respect and discretion due to the difficult situation they are going through, Blu reported. Radio.

During the last two years, the health of the patriarch Mebarak attracted the attention of the press since he spent a period in the clinic following a fall that left discomfort and other symptoms as consequences.

Added to that is that in June 2023 he underwent surgery in Cartagena for a hydrocephalus problem. In that operation a valve was placed in his brain.

All of this was recorded in the midst of the separation of Shakira and Piqué, the father of her children, a period in which she dedicated herself to being more present in her family to overcome the health problem.

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