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Rubén Blades works on a musical song about child sexual abuse

Panamanian singer-songwriter Rubén Blades revealed that he is writing several musical songs and that one of them addresses “child sexual abuse,” EFE noted. The artist highlighted that he decided to touch on the topic because when creating or telling stories there is no “limit to denouncing or talking about problems that are common to everyone.”

“Right now, for example, I am writing several songs, one of them is called 'Close Family', which talks about child sexual abuse,” Blades revealed in a conversation with the Cuban writer, screenwriter and journalist Leonardo Padura, within the framework of the festival. Central America Account that opened its 11th edition today in Panama City.

Blades, who revolutionized the world of salsa music with the hit 'Pedro Navaja' due to its long duration, recognizes that perhaps no one believes that any record label "would think that that is a good topic to make a song."

The Panamanian after his talk with the Cuban writer Leonardo Padura. EFE

Necessary topic

But the multiple Grammy Award winner and film actor believes that “it is a necessary issue because that is a problem that exists and that problem must be faced, and we as a society do not face it in the way we should,” he said. Panamanian singer, receiving applause from the public.

A 2020 report from PAHO/WHO indicated that worldwide 1 in 2 girls and boys between 2 and 17 years old suffer some type of violence each year, while 58% of girls and boys in Latin America and 61% in North America are physically, sexually or emotionally abused.

Blades, the performer of hits like 'Amor y control' and 'Ligia Elena', is one of the most influential artists in Latin America.

Some more data

More than 50 years of musical career, with recognitions such as the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Spain; or the Harvard University Medal of Arts, awarded for the first time to a Latin American artist.

Appointed United Nations ambassador against racism in 2000, Rubén Blades has never stopped being a sensitive and attentive artist to social issues, since he began composing in his adolescence. Between 2004 and 2009 he was Minister of Tourism of Panama.

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