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Britney Spears was robbed in her own home

The singer mentioned that some of the stolen objects are unique and exclusive pieces

The renowned singer Britney Spears surprised her followers by publishing a video on her social networks in which she denounces the theft of all her jewelry from her mansion in California.

Although the 42-year-old artist did not provide specific details about the incident, which occurred yesterday, Tuesday, May 27, she showed the empty jewelry boxes and expressed her fear over the disappearance of her valuable belongings.

In the video, Britney opens numerous empty jewelry boxes while saying, “Look, I'm really going to show you that all my jewelry was stolen.”

The situation left her “scared” and worried about the possibility of replacing her lost pieces. “Now it is difficult to buy new jewelry because I am afraid that they will also disappear,” the “Toxic” singer wrote in the publication she uploaded to Instagram.

Unique and exclusive

Britney's collection included unique and exclusive pieces, as some were designed especially for her. Among the stolen jewelry is a baby cross that she had been wearing since she was four years old and that has now disappeared. “It's so delicate,” the artist described.

Despite the loss, the artist still has a religious necklace and a brooch that, as she explained, represents the Virgin Mary. That is why the actress also decided to acquire pieces of lower value.

“So I buy cheap and fake, but it's hard because some of my pieces were originally made for me,” the singer wrote in the caption of the post.

Hours after sharing news of the robbery, Britney posted two additional videos. In one of them, she shows off her favorite dress of the moment, a pink tube top, while in the other, she wears an elegant red dress and reveals her desire to get her tongue pierced.

So far, the authorities have not received any official report about the robbery at Britney Spears' residence. 

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