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Residente premieres “Under the rubble”, a song for Palestine

From pain and even rage, Residente premiered his latest song “Under the rubble”, dedicated to the situation currently suffered by the Palestinian people in Gaza. The song was a collaboration with the artist of that nationality Amal Murkus.

As is known, a new Israeli attack on displaced persons camps in Rafah yesterday, May 29, left around twenty dead. A day later, the Puerto Rican performer decides to premiere his song.

“I wrote this song out of pain. Between the bombings in Gaza. I see my son in each of the massacred children,” René shared in a post on Instagram.

“Through music I try to manage the helplessness I feel of not being able to do anything more than this,” added the Puerto Rican artist.

“The silence of many colleagues”

In the post shared, the composer, 46, stressed that he does not understand the indifference of many colleagues towards the war.

“The truth is that I do not understand the silence of many fellow artists, it makes me lose hope in humanity. As León Gieco once wrote, 'I only ask God that war is not indifferent to me,'” he said.

Since October 2023, Israel's bombings on the Palestinian territory of Gaza have taken the lives of almost 40 Palestinians and left more than 80 injured. Among the fatalities are mostly women and children.

 “The letters no longer matter”

“Under the rubble” is part of Residente's second solo album “Las letraras ya no importan”, which contains 23 songs.

To record it, the interpreter "Dare you" It featured other Palestinian artists such as George Ziadeh and Firas Zreik, to play instruments such as the Arabic lute and the qanun. “The invader is a pig, of course, because even if I raise my hands, he shoots,” Residente raps, accompanied by a kufiya on his shoulders.

“Under fire and by sea, in the midst of siege and destruction, you were home and now you are in ruins,” Murkus sings. “Oh Gaza, my people, do not despair, your voice is strong/my country, do not cry, your tears are precious/Oh Gaza, our pride, 'Daughter of the waves,'” can be heard. 

“Palestinian resurgence”

During the last few months, Residente has shared with Palestinian artists. “It was a true honor to have had this young Palestinian photographer @motaz_azaiza in my house,” the Puerto Rican wrote in another publication on the aforementioned social network.

“His photographic documentation has been essential to this new Palestinian resurgence where the entire world has come together to call for a stop to the bombings and merciless murders of innocent people in Gaza. In less than a year Motaz lived what many of us have not experienced in a lifetime. From Puerto Rico to Palestine, from colony to colony, thank you for your art and thank you for your fight,” he added.

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