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To get rid of cancer Don Omar lost a kidney

The "Danza kuduro" performer told entertainer Raúl De Molina more details about his condition

More details come to light about the surprising cancer that affected the singer Don Omar. According to him he told a TV presenter, to get rid of the problem he had to lose a kidney. The organ was removed from the 46-year-old Puerto Rican star on Tuesday, June 18. Until now, William Omar Landrón Rivera had limited himself to saying that he did not have cancer after undergoing surgery.

“Yesterday I was very happy around 6:15 in the afternoon when I first received a text and 2 minutes later a call, it was Don Omar to tell me that he had come out well after his operation that took four hours and that he was already feeling well. . When he spoke, you could still feel the effects of the anesthesia, but the joy I received was very great because he told me 'they already took away my cancer,'" confirmed presenter Raúl De Molina in the program "El gordo y la skinny ".

According to People En Español, the doctors decided to remove the malignant tumor, since he could live perfectly with one kidney. “Today I woke up without cancer,” were the brief words of relief from the interpreter of “Kuduro dance”, via Instagram.

“Now we have something in common”

During the broadcast of the entertainment show, Raúl recalled that he also had kidney cancer almost two decades ago. Only unlike Don Omar, instead of his left kidney, they removed the right one.

“I sent him my best wishes (for recovery). In two weeks you will be perfect, in four weeks you will be even better. So I imagine that we are going to have Don Omar on stage very soon with his tour,” he highlighted.

As the “fat man” explained, recovery in this type of procedure is quite fast, at least it was in his case, who three weeks after the extraction had already returned to work in “El gordo y la flaca” without the need for appeal to chemotherapy.


Artists and followers reacted with words of encouragement to Don Omar on Instagram. Such was the case of the singer Ivy Queen. “Hearing your voice yesterday @donomar filled me with joy and gave me peace of mind. Health is true black wealth. Demonstrated that the mind has a great influence on the body. Faith had the biggest wings.” Likewise, the singer Tito El Bambino wrote to him “Let's go champion. God is good".

"Amen! Amen my child. The new beginning of many more miracles. And more so you who know what faith is. God with you”, was Olga Tañón's comment; “And tomorrow to the stage,” the Venezuelan actress Rosalinda Serfaty predicted.

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