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Oscar D'León was awarded an honorary doctorate

Oscar D'León was awarded a doctorate in Musical Tourism by the Nueva Esparta University (UNE). El Sonero del Mundo, who is ready to perform this Thursday the 20th at the Rumbón in Caracas, thanked him for the recognition, which adds to his more than 50 years of musical career.

“Thank you to the University of Nueva Esparta for such an honorable recognition by giving me a Doctorate in Musical Tourism, which honors my career and all the beautiful dream of taking the music of my country around the world, while still being myself and living it with the greatest passion I could live. "You are part of this achievement. Thank you!" D' León wrote in a post on Instagram.

The UNE authorities, for their part, highlighted the artist's contribution to the development of musical tourism in Venezuela, emphasizing his “exceptional talent and tireless work” in promoting national culture throughout the world, as seen in a video lesson published by Venezuela News.

“The honorary doctorate is the highest appointment and the greatest honor that this university grants to any person,” said the president of the Superior Council, Nicolás Mangieri during the ceremony.

"That is mine"

In a ceremony held in the spaces of the renowned institution, the interpreter of "Frenzy", 80 years old, recalled with emotion his origins in the parish of Antímano. In addition, he thanked the Virgin of the Valley, patron saint of the island entity.

“What I do is sing and produce music, because that's my thing. But look how far we've come, to being a doctor. Thank you Universidad Nueva Esparta for making me the happiest man on the planet today,” he highlighted.

The official investiture ceremony as Honorary Doctor of Óscar D'León will take place on November 15.

Similar recognitions

In July 2015, the Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador (UPEL) also awarded Oscar D'León an honorary doctorate for “discipline and perseverance in the execution and development of his musical art,” at the age of 71.

“I was never good at studying, I was always thinking about music. Throughout my life, she was in charge of giving me three difficult subjects that I managed to repair: two heart attacks and the eye problem,” the singer said at the time.

Last March, the interpreter of “The mazucamba” He also celebrated the 16-meter-high and 6-meter-wide mural dedicated to him in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui state.

D'León, who received an Anglo Grammy Award in 2001 for Best Tropical Salsa Album, recently added another mural to his list of commemorations. The latter is located in the Chacao municipality.

“Tribute after tribute of beautiful hearts in my land,” D' León wrote in a post on Instagram.

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