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We remember 5 hits by Omar Geles after his death

The world of Vallenata music is in mourning after the physical departure of the renowned composer, singer and accordionist Omar Geles, who breathed his last yesterday, May 21.

The career of the Colombian vallenato idol took off in the 1980s as part of the group Los Diablitos, where he demonstrated his talent not only as a performer, but also as a composer. Songs like “Tú” and “Busca un confidante” became vallenato anthems and marked generations of followers.

Omar Geles also had a successful career as a soloist and collaborated with other greats of the genre. Below we remember some of the most emblematic hits that the Colombian idol composed.

"The ways of the life"

The song debuted in 1993 with Los Diablitos, a group made up of Omar Geles, Miguel Morales and Jesús Manuel Estrada. The song has more than 100 million views on YouTube.

As his verses say, the lyrics of this hit are inspired by Geles' childhood and the great admiration he felt for his mother, Hilda Suárez.

“I composed that song in 1992 when remembering the difficulties of childhood where she was our heroine. That brave, hard-working and capable woman who fought to get us ahead. I never thought that the song would get into everyone's hearts, but it keeps playing and that fills my heart with joy and even more so knowing that it is for my old Hilda," Omar said in an interview with journalist Víctor Sánchez Rincones on his YouTube channel. , “Vicsari”.

The song has also been performed by Los Ángeles Azules, Paula Arenas, Vicentico, Lila Downs, Celso Piña, Los Dinos, Camboy Estévez and Luis Silva (in the llanera version), among other musical figures.

"I met him late"

The song, which became popular in the voice of Patricia Teherán, has a video clip that has accumulated more than 900 thousand views on YouTube and stars the singer, who died in 1995 in a tragic accident.

The lyrics of the song talk about a failed love story between the Vallenato accordionist and composer and one of his followers. The perspective of it was changed to be performed by Tehran, who had insisted to the singer-songwriter to give him one of his songs.

“I told her yes, but that I would take it the next day and I kept it that way for several days. Until Patricia stood at the door of the studio: 'Today you give me the song or I won't let you in.' There she was insisting and, under the pressure, I remembered 'I met her later'. I told him 'look what I have', and I sang to him: 'I didn't think that you were going to awaken this great illusion that I have, that I have. I didn't imagine that in you I would find that type of woman that I wanted, that I wanted,” she added.

“Look for a confidant”

It is another of Omar Geles' emblematic songs, in fact, it became an anthem for the spiteful. It was recorded by Los Diablitos.

Although the music video mentions someone else as the protagonist of the deception, Geles later revealed that the song, released in 1995, tells of the love betrayal he suffered from a girlfriend he had at the time.

“Four roses”

Geles is also behind “Cuatro rosas”, a hit recorded by Jorge Celedón. The famous song marked the takeoff of the vocalist's solo career, after his departure from the group Binomio de Oro de América. It belongs to his album “Juepa Je!”.

Released in 1991, in this composition, Geles highlights as its axis the liberation of an incorrigible man before the woman he loves. It is one of the most popular vallenatos of the XNUMXst century.

“Today I come with my hands full of sincerity / Full of truths / Because when a man is noble he repents... I love you with the strength that I do not have / And for nothing in this world I will lose you, But I am not going to risk everything for nothing ” is part of the lyrics.

“The greatest love on the planet”

This is another of Geles' great works. It was released in 2009, in the voice of Felipe Peláez, and its video already exceeds 20 million views on YouTube.

“I made that song for my wife. She has been my muse in several romantic singles that have become national hits,” said the singer-songwriter in an interview with the Alerta Bogotá portal.

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