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Omar Enrique on “La gran rumba”: The show starts at 6:00

Omar Enrique used social networks to make announcements about “La gran rumba del merengue 2”, which will take place on June 14 at the Poliedro in Caracas. The show will celebrate the 30 years of artistic career of the interpreter of “Fractured heart”.

“We are 17 days away from my concert at the Poliedro in Caracas. I want to thank all the people who purchased their tickets, there are few left. There are already several Polyhedron rings that are sold out. You can see it on the TicketShop page,” he commented at the beginning of the video published on Instagram.

“I want to tell you that all the artists are confirmed. "As I told you at Karol G's concert, I'm telling you (now), in this concert the doors on the day of my concert are going to open at 4 pm because the show is going to start at 6 in the afternoon," he added.

Liz, Roberto Antonio, Diveana, Los Cadillacs, Juan Miguel, Omar Acedo, Xuxo, Elvis Crespo, Ilegales, Eddy Herrera, Sergio Vargas, Bonny Cepeda, Felipe Peláez, Jean Carlos Centeno, Fernandito Villalona, ​​Magic Juan, Manny Cruz, The Girls del Can, Christian Daniel, Danny Marín and Aramis Camilo make up the event's poster.

Until 6 in the morning

Likewise, Omar Enrique pointed out that the concert is scheduled so that “the more than 20 artists who are going to see on stage on the night of the 14th to the 15th can sing. The concert will end around 6 am,” he said.

The “Prince of Merengue” took the opportunity to suggest to the public that they wear comfortable outfits to enjoy the show.

“Women wear low shoes. Men also leave comfortable. There you will have all the services you want such as food and drink places. The Poliedro de Caracas is spectacular, the air conditioning is very good; “If it rains they are not going to get wet,” she noted.

And he added: “You will see good organization in the parking lot. You know that the things that I do, I do well and I have never looked bad either with artists or with organization.”

Finally, Omar Enrique invited people not to miss the show because it will be a historic concert. “God give me life to celebrate 40 years of career, but at least now I am going to celebrate these 30 years with all the artists that I have offered. I wait for you".

Different areas

According to the official information of “La gran rumba del merengue 2”, the public will be able to enjoy the event from different areas, each of them identified with the name of a hit by Omar Enrique.

“Between you and me” corresponds to the box, “Let me accompany you” is the VIP table area 1, “Divine love” is the VIP table area 2, and “Supernatural” is called the space for VIP tables 3. There are also others areas called: “Nobody like you”, “I won't forget you” and “A thousand kilometers”.

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