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Omar Enrique marked a milestone in the history of merengue

The concert featured the greatest exponents of the popular Latin genre

Omar Enrique exceeded expectations at the concert celebrating his 30 years of professional career. The event, called “La rumba del merengue 2”, promised 12 continuous hours of partying, but was extended to almost 14 hours long.

The Poliedro of Caracas was packed with enthusiasts of merengue, a rhythm originating from the Dominican Republic. A crowd gathered at the Coso de la Rinconada to be part of a night that would mark a milestone in the history of the Latin genre, with the participation of great musical figures.

More than 25 artists gathered on the emblematic stage to perform their hits, collaborate with the “Prince of Merengue” and show their appreciation and gratitude for being included in this unprecedented musical event.

Omar Enrique had promised a show that would begin at 6:00 in the afternoon. and would end 12 hours later; However, the evening lasted until after 7:00 at night.

first hours 

Los Sobraos were the first to take the stage, followed by Juan Miguel and Xuxo. At 8:00 at night, Las Chicas del Can raised the energy with their iconic songs, accompanied by an audience that sang and danced with them.

Half an hour later, Omar acedo He captured attention with a repertoire that culminated with the hit “Solo Contigo.” Then, Los Cadillac's and Diveana continued the party. Diveana enchanted with “Noches de crescent”, “I'm missing everything” and “If you are my man and I your woman”, leaving the audience wanting more.

Roberto Antonio, the “King of Tecnomerengue”, encouraged everyone with his unmistakable “Ayayay” and his timeless classics. Liz, wearing a black outfit full of sensuality and accompanied by a dance team with red capes and dark touches, offered an impeccable performance that included “Let's sleep together.”

The night is young

El Potro Álvarez took over at 10:30 pm His performance included the participation of Sixto Rein to perform “Ojitos.” Gustavo Elis joined them for a featuring on “Tú metienes”, also showing his breakdancing skills.

Elvis Crespo captured total attention at 11:45 p.m. with a memorable set that included “Luna Full,” “Adiós” and “Tu Smile.” Before leaving the stage, he jokingly warned about lying men and mingled with the audience to take some selfies.

Manny Cruz appeared at midnight to offer his version of “Imaginarme sin ti”, later giving way to host Omar Enrique. The “Prince of Merengue” delighted the audience with songs such as “Supernatural”, “Solo tú”, “ Ahora que te vas ” with Juan Miguel and Christian Daniel, and “Te ve sola”, the latter in collaboration with Crespo.

star constellation

The host continued his series of duets by performing “She says” with Liz and “Susana” with Aramis Camilo.

At 2:30 in the morning, Jossie Esteban took the stage with a dazzling presence, adorned with diamonds and showing his characteristic dance steps until 3:06 in the morning.

Danny Marín, the Colombian artist, kept the energy going with songs like “What did you do, abuser,” and gave the stage to Fernando Villalona at 3:27 in the morning. “El Mayimbe” expressed his joy and respect for being part of the celebration of the “Ambassador of Merengue.”

The night progressed and with it the programming. Rubby Pérez captured her attention with “Enamorado de ella,” in a duet with Omar Enrique, and invited Mabel Yeah to join in on “Mi persona favorite,” also sharing some dance steps.

At 4:35 in the morning, Los Ilegales surprised the audience with their house merengue and together with the honoree they performed “Tú”.

The celebration continued with Manny Cruz, Eddy Herrera, Felipe Peláez, Magic Juan, Sergio Vargas and Jean Carlos Centeno, keeping the party alive in an unprecedented marathon event in the history of merengue, thus honoring one of Venezuela's most beloved singers. and Latin America.

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