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Norkys Batista assured that his father is a miracle from God

“After 30 minutes without breathing, glory to God and his mercy, my daddy is alive and healthy,” wrote Norkys Batista about the state of health of his father Luis Batista, who suffered a stroke early on Tuesday (July 9) respiratory arrest in Aruba.

“My heart is full of joy, as my dad says. “I am not very good at talking about the word of God and using the words that my father uses, those wonderful words come out,” the Venezuelan actress expressed in her Instagram stories.

“My dad is a man with unwavering faith. I saw dad, God heal my dad. I had lost faith. "I came from Miami running to Aruba and spoke to the doctor, I told him to tell me the truth, and the doctor told me everything my father had and, because of what he had gone through, he gave us no hope of life," the woman then added. former beauty queen (she participated in Miss Venezuela 1999).

“I doubted my faith”

In the middle of her story, the businesswoman acknowledged that she believed everything the doctor had told her and doubted her faith. “I had to call all my siblings and I told my mother everything the doctor had told me.”

Batista, who loves Mr. Luis with all his heart even though he is not his biological father, explained that the patriarch had sudden death, cardiac and intestinal arrest, had a fever and was connected to a respirator. “I saw God heal my dad. I asked God on my knees that if that was a product of my imagination he would forgive me, but if he was really healed he would send me signs, and I saw it," said the interpreter.

The performer, who stood out in soap operas such as 'Estrambótica Anastasia', 'La treapdora', 'My ex has a desire' or 'Anyway Rosa', recalled that scared by what she had seen, she ran to ask her mother what it was like. God and she answered that it could be presented in many ways.

“I am very excited to tell this story. I can only tell you that my dad is perfect, he has no brain damage, he has no intestinal problems. My dad has his kidney and all his perfect organs, he breathes well. I went from grade two (serious) to grade one,” he highlighted.


As expected, Venezuelan entertainment personalities showed their support for the artist.

“I believe in the power of Christ, my beloved witch. I declare his healing in the mighty name of Jesus,” wrote entertainer Anarella Bono, while actress Scarlet Ortiz shared: “Mamacita, beautiful thank God. Blessings to your daddy.”

Another who joined in the displays of affection was the actress Flavia Gleske “Dad, God is great, speedy recovery, that's how it will be.” “Already in prayers. I hug you,” said Maite Delgado.

Also Roxana Díaz, María Antonieta Duque, Luciano D'Alessandro, María Alejandra Requena and Yul Burkle, among other celebrities, wished Luis Batista's speedy recovery.

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