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Nicki Minaj told her truth about the arrest in Amsterdam

The rapper recounted the bad moment she experienced in the Netherlands when she was accused of traveling with drugs

Nicki Minaj was arrested and later released at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam (Netherlands) for alleged drug possession. The artist denied transporting marijuana in her luggage.

Minaj, who filmed herself being interrogated, described being detained as she was preparing to board a plane for a concert on her “Pink Friday 2 World Tour” in Manchester, United Kingdom. The authorities told her that they had found marijuana in her luggage and they had to weigh it.

The 41-year-old rapper, whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, explained what happened through her social networks. “It's to try to make me late, so they can write negative stories. Jealousy is a disease. You already know the rest,” she posted on Instagram.

The singer, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, explained to the police officer that she was not carrying any drugs, but he responded “she is being arrested” and taken to a police station to be processed.

Minaj insisted that her suitcases were taken without her consent. “They said they found marijuana… They took my suitcases before I could see them,” she added in the video.

no lawyer

During the process, Nicki Minaj alleged that airport security asked her to make a “statement without any lawyer present,” reported EFE.

In her last publication, the artist stated that she had to “go 5 minutes to make a statement” to the Police station.

Authorities later made public that they had fined the woman and then released her.

In addition, the Netherlands Police confirmed to the American network NBC that cannabis (marijuana) is illegal in this country, but only recreational use is tolerated.

The author of hits like “super freaky girl” or “Anaconda”, and nominated 12 times for the prestigious Grammy Awards, was scheduled to perform at the Co-op Live stadium in Manchester yesterday Saturday night.

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