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Nella Rojas fulfills another dream: I am so grateful and excited

Venezuelan Nella Rojas announced that she is one of the singers invited to the Latin American Music Conference (LAMC), an important musical event that will be held next July.

Via social networks, the performer highlighted that by participating in the show she fulfills a long-awaited dream. “Do you know what is beautiful? Remembering how I would take my Chinese bus from Boston to New York when I was at uni, so as not to miss the conferences and concerts. @thelamc. Every year I went, I imagined that, one day, I would be part of one of the most important events in Latin music in this great city that I now call home,” Nella recalled.

“Well, that day has come and I am so grateful and excited! thank you dear @tomascookman and my family @sonymusiclatin 🙌🏽 how delicious to sing at home!”

His message was the description for a post he shared on Instagram. In the publication, Rojas left the event flyer with her image and a recording of a performance.

“🎬 The video singing 'Twenty Years' on the roof of a building was also part of @thelamc online a few weeks ago. You can see it in full on YouTube wujuuuuuu,” she added.

What is LAMC?

The Latin American Music Conference (LAMC) is a relevant event in the alternative music industry. It is held annually in New York and brings together artists, professionals and music lovers from Latin America. Throughout its editions, the LAMC has highlighted emerging and established artists, opening spaces for diversity of genres and styles.

Artists such as Café Tacvba, Mon Laferte, Julieta Venegas, Los Amigos Invisibles, Ana Tijoux, among others, have performed at the LAMC. But now it is the turn for Nella Rojas, who will share the stage with Miguel Cornejo, J Noa and Darumas.

The main objective is to encourage collaboration, the exchange of ideas and the promotion of Latin alternative music in a global context.

This year, the conference was held virtually from April 24 to 26, and later, from July 9 to 13, there will be an in-person version at the Intercontinental New York Times Square.

The criolla showcase will be, precisely, on July 9 and will be an opportunity to connect with the vibrant Latin American music scene.

"In another life"

Nella Rojas captivates her audience with her third album, “En otro vida”. The Latin Grammy winner immerses her followers in a musical journey full of emotions and nuances.

the title of the album, which premiered on May 2, suggests a search for new perspectives and experiences. Through 10 songs, Nella explores themes such as love, nostalgia and personal transformation. Her ethereal voice and carefully constructed harmonies invite us to reflect on our own lives and experiences.

In this project, the Venezuelan surrounds herself with talented musicians and producers. The single “Veinte años”, in collaboration with Yendry, is an example of the fusion of styles and cultures that characterizes the album. The mix of Latin rhythms, pop and folkloric elements creates a unique experience.

The album cover, recently shared by the artist, shows an enigmatic image. With vibrant colors and symbolic elements, it invites you to discover the mysteries that await in “In Another Life.”

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