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Natti Natasha premiered video for “Love me less”

Dominican Natti Natasha celebrated love and the reunion of her family with the premiere of the song and video for “Quiéreme menos”, a production that comes after the release from prison of her husband, the producer and businessman Raphy Pina.

The news was shared by the artist herself through social networks. “#Lovememenos is out. A song that says everything I feel right at this moment, a song that I love so much and that God gave me the opportunity to offer me the perfect moment to be able to share it with all of you,” she wrote in a post on Instagram.

“I hope you have that unique and true love that you can identify with just like I do. “A new era of happiness has begun,” Natasha added.

“Universal Letter”

The bachata, which is the most moving of Natti's career, was written by Romeo Santos, who collaborated for the first time on the remix of "The best version of me".

“Romeo managed to capture the essence of what I feel for Raphy and everything he has given me, also making a universal lyric. It is a privilege to be able to interpret this beauty of a song, which comes from his pen and musical talent,” said Natti Natasha in an interview with Sony Music.

“Love me less” is accompanied by one of the artist's most intimate videos recorded in Miami. It is a combination of home and professional recordings under the direction of Marlon Peña, the images reflect the love of this couple, who has overcome great trials to stay together and give happiness to their daughter Vida.

“You are going to hear the reflection of a long time of learning, changes, love, work and sacrifices. #LoveMeMenos is that song that is as much mine as it is yours for accompanying me in every process,” Natti shared in another of his recent publications on the aforementioned social network.

On freedom

It can be highlighted that last May, Raphy Pina left prison after being deprived of freedom for two years.

“We all want to be free in our minds because the confinement is temporary and I confess that I have been experiencing something different in my home for three days, that I never imagined it to be so beautiful,” said the producer after an official broadcast, highlighted by the Univision network.

“I am still in the federal custody of the BOP (Federal Bureau of Prisons) and they do not allow me to use social networks until the sentence is completed and/or the requests are authorized,” he added.

Even so, the producer was optimistic that the situation would end as soon as possible. “There is not much left to turn on that live and give the best stories and advice to those youth who are growing and must understand many things, which they will learn from us until they are in a place with no departure time,” he said.

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