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Natalia Jiménez clarified doubts about her state of health

Natalia Jiménez denied that she was hospitalized after a concert in Mexico City. The Spanish singer, through her Instagram account, shared with her fans that she is at home recovering from pharyngitis.

“I have seen in the media that they are saying that I am hospitalized and that I am unwell. I just wanted to record this video to reassure the public,” she began by saying in the clip posted on her profile.

“What you saw the other day in the video I posted was a checkup that my doctor did on me. As you know, this month I have been in this healthy state. He gave me pharyngitis with otitis and everything that ends in itis about three weeks ago,” he added.

"I'm fine"

Likewise, the 42-year-old vocalist pointed out that she was already feeling unwell when she gave a concert in Aguascalientes, which was prior to the one in Mexico City. Both shows are part of her “Antalogy 20 Years Tour.”

“The truth is that I was not 100% recovered and I had a relapse later. So I had to go back to my doctor to have new tests done and he recommended that I stay home. “I am here at home recovering,” she noted.

Finally, in the post the former member of the group La Quinta Estación highlighted that despite her condition she is doing very well.

“Everyone calm down, I'm very well, as far as possible. I am not hospitalized. I have limited physical activity, but I am fine,” he emphasized.

“The life of a singer is not easy”

Days ago, Natalia Jiménez published another video on Instagram where she was undergoing a medical check-up due to pharyngitis (inflammation in the throat) and otitis (inflammation of the inner ear) that affect her.

“The life of a singer is not easy, no one knows everything we have to undergo sometimes. The care, illnesses and everything we have to overcome to be on stage doing what we love so much,” he wrote.

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