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Nacho: Chyno and Nacho will go as far as God wants them to go

After the reunion with his former duo partner, Nacho feels that third parties were decisive for the separation of Chyno and Nacho in 2017, a fracture that captured the attention of his fans and the press.

Thanks to successes like "You're in my head" and “My pretty girl”, the duo made up of Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez “Chyno” and Miguel Ignacio Mendoza Donatti “Nacho”, won the admiration of the public, an affection that was rekindled when the singers surprised with the unexpected announcement that they would return to sing together.

“Everyone opted for distance. I feel that among the problems that happened, the third parties involved made us blame ourselves. That made us separate. “A part of the team left with me, but it was all a matter of time,” Nacho said in a recent interview with Telemundo.

“Little by little everyone became aware of the people they had around them and little by little we realized how much we had to value our friendship,” he added.

“Nothing was needed”

Nacho also pointed out that as singers and friends it is time to enjoy something that cost them a lot. Likewise, he remembered the last time when they said goodbye and didn't speak again.

“It was at our last concert in the Dominican Republic when we said goodbye. “At that moment it was 'bye' and never more, at that moment nothing was going through my mind. The lethargy lasted a long time for us because we were struggling with our careers as soloists and we were living very interesting experiences individually. At that time nothing was needed,” he said.

Also, the interpreter "dance me" He believes that the hardest thing for Chyno and Nacho was with the pandemic. “We were both very close to a depressive condition and there were many issues.”

Nacho recalled how difficult it was to see Chyno walk hand in hand with people who didn't know him and people who were trying to get something out of him. “I had familiar faces who were part of that first period of Chyno and Nacho and if I had seen them with them despite the differences, I would be calm because despite the difference there is affection, but they were completely new people. I didn't have the power to grab him and take him away,” he recalled.

And he added: “We fought and found the way. Right now I'm very close to him. I am very involved in his recovery process and I feel at peace and calm. I feel that I am fulfilling the mission that I have to fulfill.”

Nacho took the opportunity to let it be known that Jesús Miranda is more focused and calm. “Maybe he doesn't have the energy to run and jump like he did on stage. Now he is more serene and his singing ability is reaching 100%. He keeps everything well cared for in his mind. “He has clearer memories than me,” he said.

Where are Chyno and Nacho going to go?

Regarding the reunion with Chyno, Nacho expressed that as a musical duo they will go as far as God wants them to go. “We are going to take steps first without so many expectations, but simply enjoy what we do and what we are passionate about. There is a real passion and we are not expecting it to be super-paid or for us to fill stadiums around the world, which would be a nice gift for our career,” Nacho highlighted.

The singer is convinced that in this new stage they want to do it for fun, to have a good time and to honor their career. “The first step will be to come out with a new song that we have already made. Hopefully it will be for the first week of June and then announce the tour that should be for the last quarter of the year. Everything we can do,” he said.

“They sensitized me”

Another topic of the interview was about his children. The interpreter has four sons that he had in previous romantic relationships: Diego Ignacio, Miguel, Santiago and Matías. And two girls with his current partner Melany Mille, Mya and Melina.

“I feel good about the role I have played. I have not distanced myself from my passions because mainly it helps me have my children in a comfortable situation. I take care of all my children and that is the result of the effort I put into my work,” said Nacho.

After being surrounded by sons, in 2020 his first daughter Mya Michelle was born. “With the first girl my life changed enormously. I had already been making changes in my life with respect to others, and I feel that when the baby was born she reinforced my desire to be better,” she highlighted.

“It's not that my sons aren't, but I feel they are on the same page because they are boys. When the girl is born, the issue of fragility begins. “I realized that I became a character and I began to analyze if my daughter would have a character like me,” she added.

Nacho is happy and grateful to his daughters for showing him and teaching him things he didn't know. “I thank the girls because they have raised my awareness. I am a very absent-minded person and they have made me pay more attention to the details.”

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